Cheap and useful items @ 100-yen shop

Have you ever seen Japanese hundred-yen store??

I’ve seen before one-dollar shop in other country when I went abroad for study.

I thought that it’s completely different from that of Japanese one. Because there are a lot of different kinds of goods in Japanese100-yen shop. If you will be in trouble, almost goods what you need are found there.

In this page, we will introduce about convenience goods that can be buy in hundred stores.

Sometime, there are some unique goods that is difficult to realize the way of use. Then please try to read following article while realizing how to use useful items.


  1. What is 100-yen shop
  2. Features of Japanese 100-yen shop
  3. Peeling globe
  4. Egg slicer
  5. A fake Squire
  6. A strange ring  
  7. Magical towel
  8. Apple cutter
  9. Conclusion

What is 100-yen shop

You can get useful items at 100-yen shop, mail order site and variety stores. This article introduces what is 100-yen shop. There are many 100-yen shop in Japan. DAISO, Seria and Can★Do are mainly 100-yen shop. 100-yen shop’s items are all 108 yen. Manufacture suggested retail price is 100 yen and tax are 8 yen. 108 yen is very cheap, but efficiency is good. So100-yen shop’s items are hard to break, and we can use them for a long time.

Features of Japanese 100-yen shop


DAISO is the most popular 100-yen shop in Japan. DAISO have more than three thousand branches in Japan. The number of items which sold until now is thirty billion!! Why DAISO keep this popularity? Because DAISO always invent new goods and original items. Also they sometimes collaborate with other companies.

Actually 100-yen shop don’t exist only in japan. Recently, many 100-yen shop, especially DAISO are expanded to abroad. Japanese 100-yen shop expanded its business to Taiwan in 2001 for the first time. Japanese cheap and high-quality goods are very popular even in abroad. Since the first branch in overseas, the popularity and power of 100-yen shop had never became weak. Now, 100-yen shop expanded to even in North America and the Middle East area. Then 100 yen shop as Japanese unique store have about 2000 branches in the world.   


Seria is specialized in handmade products. Japanese recent trend is DIY. DIY means making something like furniture and interior by myself. Seria have various items from interior to accessory and handicrafts. That’s why stylish and fashionable products in Seria are popular among Japanese young woman and housewife.


A special feature of Can★Do is that you can buy products by internet. Although you are restricted the number of orders, you can buy various products on the internet. Also Can★Do has a nicely balanced kinds of products. You can get fashionable and simple design products in Can★Do. That’s why everyone may feel free to drop in this shop.

Peeling globe


Mom: Phew… It is difficult to peel great burdock. My hands get dirty and itchy.

Daughter: I’ll help you. Do you peel it by knife? I saw a useful item on information program! Let’s check a website.

Mom: Is it a useful item which you told me? It’s a peeling globe!!


Normal peeler is like a cutter, but peeling globe is made from rubber. The face of globe is rugged. Just wearing it, you can peel. You don’t have to worry about slipping and cutting you finger. This price is 108 yen per one hand. It is good to use peel potatoes, taro, yams, great burdock and carrots.

How to use

  1. Prepare vegetables and peeling globe
  2. Wear globes
  3. Rub the face of fruits or vegetables
  4. We can peel easily without getting dirty.

Egg slicer


You: Today is a party! I want to make some egg sandwiches. I have to cut boiled eggs… Can you help me?

Friend: Of course! But… cutting by knife is waste of time. You said you wanted to make egg sandwiches at a party, and I bring egg slicer!


This is an egg cutter. If you want to make egg sandwiches and tartar sauce, you need to mince egg. Egg is soft and difficult to deal with it. Egg cutter can solve this matter. We can get egg slicer at 100-yen store.

How to use

  1. Prepare boiled egg and egg cutter
  2. Down the wire
  3. You can mice egg

Fake squire


Mom: Did you prepare for training trip??

Daughter: not yet. I want to take a lot of things, but my bag is too small.

         Because my destination is so dry that I need to take some bottles of skin lotion.

         To take many bottles are too much trouble.

Mom: I have a useful squire to solve your problem.


This squire looks exactly like real squire that is used in hospital. But this is not used at the hospital but in your house.

When you want to take some bottles of skin lotion or something for trip, do you take all bottles as it is? I think it will be too much trouble. On such a location, this squire can replace the contents of a bottle. If you use this item, you can replace them not to spill the contents of a bottle and get your hands dirty. It is available not only for skin lotion but for perfume and seasoning. You can get it at DAISO for one hundred-yen.

How to use

1.      Prepare two bottles

        (A is a bottle what you want to take. B is small empty bottle.)

2.      Pump up liquid from A and put them into B

3.      Repeat second step for several times

4.      You can replace liquid easily.

A strange ring


Daughter: Mom! I want to have an orange.

Mom: you can take some from the fridge.

Daughter: thank you. But it’s hard to peel easily

Mom: I have useful item!


Some grapefruits and oranges have hard skins. So, it’s difficult to peel them especially for older people or children. But this ring will be able to peel them without knives and any power. Because this ring has a small subjection that can make slit. This ring is not an edged tool. So, you don’t need to worry that your hands may be cut. So, everybody can eat citrus fruits safely. You can get it at DAISO for one hundred-yen.

How to use

1.      Wear the ring on your finger. (A part of flat is bottom)

2.      Peel oranges along to their surface.

3.      A projection of the ring make them a lit

4.      You can peel oranges safely

Swelling towels


Mom: I’ll go camping next week.

Daughter: What do you do at the campground?

Mom: I will go fishing and have barbecue with my friends. So, I need some towels to wipe and wrap something. But I have no idea how many towels I should take.

Daughter: I bought interesting towels.


No one can realize what it is. Actually they are all towels. These towels will expand, soaking in water. Then, this towel will be more than 30 times as size as former one. So if you want to take many towels, they would not be bulky. This item has one weak point. That is the strength of fabric. The elasticity of towel is very good. But it is easy to tear. So, this item is suitable for just duster, wrapper, hand towel and something like that. You can get them at DAISO for one hundred-yen.

How to use

1.      Prepare this towel and a cup of water.

2.      Soak it in water

3.      It will swell bigger automatically

Apple cutter


Son: Hey! Mom! I want to eat an apple before I go to swimming club.

Mom: What? You have only 15 minutes.

Son: But I want to eat something before I get exercise.

Mom: It cannot be helped. I use it and cut an apple quickly.


An apple is hard and face of it is slippery. This cutter cuts apple into eight pieces easily. You can also take out the core of apple. A little power is needed but an apple will be a beautiful comb. You don’t have to use knife so little children can cut apple.

How to use

  1. Prepare this cutter and an apple
  2. Grasp the cutter with both hands
  3. Bring cutter down


Today, we introduce six items at 100-yen shop. We are surprised all items are cheap, very useful and funny.  Do you have an interested item? As I explained before, you may buy them not only in japan but in your own country. We believe this article solves your little problems.