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This article introduces games by genre. Each genre describes the characteristics of the game and the goodness of that genre, so even people who haven’t touched the game so much can find a game that suits them by reading this article. Also. I don’t use game jargon as much as possible, so please feel free to read it. I also made an aptitude diagnostic test to find a genre that suits me. If you don’t have the time, just read the introduction of the genre that suits you.

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容量無制限の無料オンラインストレージ firestorage


1.Fighting game




Fighting game

Compete for pure strength. The strength here refers to the skills of the game technique and the accuracy of reading the psychology of the opponent. Basically, players fight 1vs1. To really enjoy this game, you need repetitive practice and mental strength to overcome the pressure. In that sense, it can be said that it is the game genre closest to sports. This genres require something other than “purely enjoying”, but when you feel that you have become stronger, you can enjoy the best excitement and fun.

大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ SPECIAL | Nintendo Switch | 任天堂


I think many people have heard this word even if they have never played a game. RPG means that you become a resident of the world and adventure in the world. Actually manipulating the game character and traveling the world gives the player a feeling of immersion that is as good as any novel or movie. You can forget the time between busy days, feel emotions, and experience extraordinary things.


スマートフォン版『ドラゴンクエスト』 シリーズ本編8タイトル ...


The characteristic of this genre is that it is busy. The purpose is to defeat the enemy character.A game in which the player’s operations are directly reflected in the character and reflected in real time. You can move the game character as you like. In other words, this game has a high degree of freedom. And having a high degree of freedom will test your creativity. 

モンハンの完全新作がSwitchで登場 21年3月発売予定:日経クロストレンド


It can be said that it is the most exciting game genre these days. The goal is to explore the map (the world of the game), find weapons and equipment, strengthen yourself, seek out and assault enemies, and survive to the end. Strategy is more important than pure technology. The tension of not knowing when to meet the enemy and the uplifting feeling when the strategy is applied cannot be experienced in other games. Also, recently, the format of fighting with friends as a group is popular, which allows you to develop strategies with your friends through the game and share the excitement of victory with your friends.

荒野行动(荒野行動) | (オープンレック)


Did you find a genre of game that interests you? I hope you started the game with this as a trigger. It’s been a spicy time by Covit 19 now, but why not take this as an opportunity? In the future, when your child is playing a game, I want you to use it to understand what is interesting about the game. If requested, I will also introduce recommended games for each game genre.