Why don’t you travel to Shizuoka?

Japan has 47 prefectures. Every year, the prefecture’s attractiveness ranking is announced by a private research company. However only the top or the bottom of ranking draw media attention. And most people are not familiar with prefectures they have never been to. So, I’ll introduce about the Shizuoka prefecture, which was ranked 13th out of 47 prefectures in 2019.

What comes to your mind when you hear Shizuoka? Many people will imagine Mt. Fuji or green tea. However, there are many other famous things in Shizuoka. So, I’ll introduce Shizuoka in detail to things you don’t know.


Where is Shizuoka?

Local Food

Recommended Sightseeing Spot

Famous Souvenir

Common Things in Shizuoka

Where is Shizuoka ?

Shizuoka is located in the Chubu region in Japan, facing the Pacific Ocean. It takes one and a half hours by bullet train from Tokyo. The capital of Shizuoka prefecture is Shizuoka city, but Hamamatsu city is the largest city by population.

Local Food

There are many delicious foods in Shizuoka. Then I’ll select and introduce about recommended food.


Sawayaka is hamburg steak restaurant only in Shizuoka. Hamburg steak are grilled over charcoal fire and served rare. What I recommend the most is “Genkotsu hamuburg”. It made from 100% beef and very filling, but inexpensive. Onion sauce is the most popular, but pepper is also good. Recently, new branch opened in Gotemba Premium Outlets. There is easy to access from Tokyo.

Shizuoka Oden(静岡おでん)

What the color of Hampen(はんぺん)? Hampen means Japanese soft fish cake and ingredients of Oden. Many Japanese will think it is White. But in Shizuoka, it is Black! Black Hampen(黒はんぺん) is made from blue-back fish like sardine, so it looks gray.

 Shizuoka Oden is seasoned mainly with soy sauce, and there is a skewer on each Oden. It can be eaten not only Izakaya, but also at Dagashiya.

Tamago Fuwafuwa(たまごふわふわ)

This food originated in Fukuroi City. Tamago Fuwafuwa is made from egg and fish broth and is whipped. So, the texture is fluffy. Also, it is instagrammable!

Recommended Sightseeing Spots

Shizuoka is famous for Mt. Fuji. But there a lot of another good place to visit in Shizuoka.

Fuji Safari Park

Approximately 900 animals roam in expensive nature at the foot of Mount Fuji. In safari Zone, you can take a Jungle Bus from which you are able to feed some of the animal like lions and bears. Large animals can be as close as 20 cm to bus passengers to seek food!

Horai Bridge, Oigawa Railway

Horai Bridge and Oigawa Railway is located in Shimada city.  Horai Bridge is 894.7m in length and the longest wooden bridge. It get certified by Guinness World Rcords. This bridge was used as a shooting place for a movie.  Oigawa Railway is famous for steam locomotive. The real locomotive Thomas known as Japanese character operates from June to October. Also, you can enjoy the superb view from the train that changes with the reasons.

Famous Souvenir

Unagipie Pastry

Unagipie Pastry is a sweat Japanese snack and signature souvenir of Shizuoka. Unagipie pastry contain actual eel powder. However, it doesn’t smell fishy and taste ell at all. I especially recommended Unagipie V.S.O.P. It is also called confection for midnight because it contains brandy. You can enjoy the delicious crispy pie with butter and macadamia flavor.


Cocco is a steamed cake containing milk cream. It makes the most of the original taste of ingredients. There are various flavors such as matcha, strawberries, and bananas. If you try eating it once, you will become addicted.

Common Things in Shizuoka(あるある)

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is located between Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefecture. So, they are fighting for ownership rights. The front of Mt. Fuji is Shizuoka Prefecture side, so most citizens of Shizuoka believe that Mt. Fuji belong to Shizuoka.

Green tea

Shizuoka is the largest producer of Green Tea in Japan. Actually, tea plantations are concentrated in middle part of Shizuoka. From kindergarten to high school, tea in a kettle is prepared at lunch time. Also, some schools have tea dispensers and students can drink freely.


As in other prefecture, Shizuoka has several dialects. However, citizens of Shizuoka believe that it is a standard language and sometimes urban peoples make fun of dialect.

   As example of dialect, citizens of Shizuka pronounce “tongue” as “shitabero” or “shitabera”, usually pronounced with either “shita” or “bero”.Fortunately, the meaning can be understood by the person they talk to.

On the other hands, some dialect caused a misunderstanding. If people hear the sentence “kagi wo kau(鍵をかう)” in Japanese, they think it means “to buy a key”. But in Shizuoka dialect, “kau” means rock. In this way, dialect confuse people.

Also, there are characteristic words. For example, “ucharu(うっちゃる)” means to throw away. And Shizuoka dialect sometimes adds “dani” or “dara” to the end of sentence.

If you interested in Shizuoka , why don’t you go for a visit! Thank you for reading.