Ishigaki Island

Recently, people have been forced to refrain from traveling because of the coronavirus. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of traveling in these days. So I would like to introduce you to “Ishigaki Island” in Okinawa Prefecture, which I was very satisfied with when I traveled in the past. I hope people who read this blog will feel the same way.

Quick Look at the contents

1. Scenery of Ishigaki Island

2. Ishigaki Island food

3. Okinawa culture

Scenery of Ishigaki Island

As you can see in the image, Ishigaki Island is a place where you can enjoy the vast ocean and the natural earth.

There is a small island, so if you can use a car, you can go around many places in a day.

I was particularly impressed by the lighthouse at the northernmost end of Ishigaki Island.

If you look from a high place, you can feel the ocean’s size, and you’ll be surprised by the clear ocean water.

Ishigaki Island food

There is rich in ingredients due to its mild climate and abundant natural benefits, so there has many delicious foods. Typical items are Ishigaki beef, fresh seafood and Yaeyama buckwheat noodles.

I have a restaurant I recommend. It’s called “Seven Colors Ishigaki Island” This picture is there.

You can eat taco rice with local ingredients and cold shabu from Ishigaki beef.

As soon as you leave the restaurant, you will find the beach .You can also rest at there  after meals.

I was very satisfied.

Okinawa culture

Even if you have never visited Okinawa, you know that there is a very attractive culture that is a little different from that of the mainland of Japan.

One of the reasons why Okinawa culture has different cultures from other parts of Japan is its historical background.

Okinawa was an independent kingdom called the Ryukyu Kingdom for about 450 years until 1879.

The reasons include distance from the mainland and warm weather.

Then, I will introduce unique culture unique to Okinawa.


When it comes to Okinawa, I think there are many people who think of Seesar. There are many souvenirs with the motif of the seesar.

It is believed that they have a charm against evil and is a pair of male and female.


Acer, one of Okinawa’s traditional performing arts.  It is a powerful dance for young people in colorful costumes to form a line and beat drums.

In the first place, Acer is a Bon dance in Okinawa.

・Ryukyu Glass

Ryukyu Glass is one of the popular souvenirs in Okinawa’s traditional crafts.

The present Ryukyu Glass is highly artistic and continues to evolve as glass workshops compete with each other.

That’s all for the article.

I have written about Ishigaki Island and Okinawa, but I enjoyed writing it myself. I appreciate the people who read it.


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