A subtle charm of Scuba Diving

When most people think what is Scuba Diving. There are many attraction and mystery. So I will introduce good things of Scuba Diving.


Quick Look at the contents

1. What is Scuba Diving?

2. How to start?

3. What is necessary tools?

4. Where is famous Diving spot?

5. Where is recommended Diving spot?

What is Scuba Diving?

 Scuba Diving is a kind of marine sports. We can enjoy diving with friends and family. We have to put on wet suit and carry tank on yours back when we dive.


Look at this picture. We can see this view when we dive into ocean. It’s beautiful and fantastic!! I’m crazy about this hobby.


How to start?

It is so easy to start Scuba Diving. Most place where we can dive have diving shop and we are able to experience diving. We can borrow something to dive and instructor teaches us to dive and navigation. However we get licensed, we are able to dive without instructor.


This is famous license card.

What is necessary tools?

We must get into something when we diving. We have to select to be one’s size. We cannot dive without this tool. If you will get license, you need to order to wet suit.


 Where is famous Diving spot?

Blue hole in Palau is famous Diving spot in the world. I want go there once in a lifetime. There is strange geography so we are able to experience adventure. In addition, there have many kind of a living things.


Where is recommended Diving spot?

 I recommend diving spot is “Secret garden” in Iriomotejima in Okinawa. There are many kind of fish and I can see a green turtles. Please go this please. You will be able to enjoy there.



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