Let’s eat a lot in Kichijoji

In Kichijoji, there are many eating places. For example, ramen, rice served in a bowl, and so on. I’m going to tell you about my favorite food store, especially cheap and you can eat a lot.



1.Kichijoji Donburi

2.Menyamusashi Kodo




Kichijoji Donburi


Provided by https://www.nanigoto.com/吉祥寺どんぶり/


Kichijoji Donburi is a rice served in a bowl store. It is very large in quantity, but you can eat within 1000yen. Especially “Karaagedon” is very popular. If you pay a little money, you can increase rice and meat.


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Say it once more, it is very big rice served in a bowl, so you have to feel hungry when you go to Kichijoji Donburi!


・business hours: 11:00-1:00

・location: Map



Menyamusashi Kodo


Provided by http://menya634.co.jp/storelist/kichijoji/


Kodo is a ramen and dipping noodles(tsukemen) store. Both of them are very delicious. Especially I want to recommend tsukemen. This tsukemen is very special. If you order tsukemen, a sausage comes with tsukemen. This combination is very rare! In addition, you can choice quantity from 200g to 1kg!


Provided by http://menya634.co.jp/storelist/kichijoji/


The price is about 1100yen, but it makes you feel full.


・business hours: 11:00-22:45

・location: Map




Actually these stores use meal coupon vending machine. So you speak Japanese only to choice a quantity. After that you don’t need to speak Japanese. In addition, their stores are seat at counter. Therefore you are easy to enter alone.

If you are interested a little, let’s go to Kichijoji.