The popular “Social media” among Japanese young people

All over the world, “Social media” is one of the most important tools to communicate and become friends. However, in each country, it’s different which social media is often used. You can enjoy more with Japanese friends by knowing this. Many web pages about this exist, but I’ll introduce 3 social medias, LINE, Twitter and Instagram from the view of a Japanese university student.

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1.Dates about social medias in Japan





Dates about social medias in Japan

Before I start to talk about each social media, I introduce a research of Japanese government .

(source: WHITE PAPER Information and Communications in Japan in 2018)

This date is a questionnaire survey targeting 1200 Japanese.

According this, the order of social media that people use is LINE, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

However, my experience and around people’s reaction are a little bit difference.

Some university student, of course, use Facebook, but I rarely see the university students who use Facebook, and rarely talk about Facebook.

I think adults often use for their work, but university students use Twitter and Instagram than Facebook, so it is difference between my recognition and the result.

This blog is mainly for the age of university students.

Also, it is easier to convey how we use social media in Japan, which I always use, so I decide to introduce LINE, Twitter and Instagram, which I think university student often use.


This is the most popular social media in Japan!!
This app is versatile and get free. Maybe, this is similar to WhatsApp.

Almost all students usually use LINE.

We can call friends, send messages, play games and even be used for payment on this app, so this is used for getting in touch with friends and getting individual information.

For example, when you plan to go shopping with your friends, you must decide where you go, what time you meet and more. Japanese decide these kind of things on LINE, because it’s easy. Moreover, when you are late, you can call through LINE even if you don’t know the number.

I think this app is the most important tool, not only for university students but also for adults. Actually, in a latest research in Japan, about 67% of Japanese use this. If you belong to a club activity, the information of that is known by LINE.

If you want Japanese friends, you should get this!!


This is famous not only in Japan but also in other countries, so maybe you already use.

On this app, we can describe our opinions up to 280 characters.

This is mainly used for getting real time information and trend.

For example, if you are a fun of a singer, you know when the singer’s new music is released quickly.

Some Japanese people only watch not to tweet something, so they may not to tell you their account even they use Twitter, because they want to get only information not to think a communication place. Therefore, it’s good for you to tell what you like!

Other use frequently and tweet their opinion and the part of those people become an influencer.

However, instead of strong diffusion and speed, bad and wrong information is also easy to spread. Moreover, it’s difficult to erase, so you should care about this.

If you want Japanese friends who have same hobby, you can find it easily to use Twitter!!


This is also used by young people not only in Japan but also in the world. We can upload our favorite pictures and movies on this app.

Japanese people use this to record or share our memories and we get information of trend about fashion and cosmetic and if you find your favorites, you can jump to the website and buy.

Among young Japanese, many people upload good pictures, called “insutabae(インスタ映え)“ in Japanese.

For example, when they went to sea, they took pictures with beautiful sunset like a model.

Their pictures are so cool, cute and beautiful, so you must want to go there.

Also, in Instagram, we use DM, so some use to get touch with friends.

In Japan, when you meet at first time, you are often asked whether you have Instagram or not, because if you only watch what they uploaded, you can know what they like.

For example, if they like Disney, they may often upload about Disney, and if you also like Disney, you get common topic and easy to become a friend.

So! I recommend you to get Instagram!!


How was this? Actually, in Japan, we don’t call social media. We call those “SNS”, means “Social Network Service”, so you care about this in Japan.

In the Internet, many social media exist, so I chose 3 types and introduced to you.

Also, all social media which I introduced are used by many entertainers and companies, so those are useful to know about Japanese information.

For example, a food company spreads new menu limited to Japan, or a fashion company sometimes distribute a 10%off coupon on social media.

Probably you may have already known about this information, but I wish this is useful for you and your making new friends.

Please enjoy with Japanese friends!!!!


WHITE PAPER Information and Communications in Japan in 2018