Let’s try Japanese teen slang!

Japanese teen slang is usually spoken by junior high school, high school and college student. It is very useful communication tool. You can make good relationship. However, you pay attention not to say it in formal scene.

友達 イラスト に対する画像結果


1. ~Greeting~

2. ~Respond~

3. ~Feeling~




What do you say at first when you meet your Japanese “close” friends? “Ohayougzaimasu”? “Konnnitiwa”?  “konnbannbwa”?  These are very right, but these are formal greeting. So, if you would like to talk with your friends casually, let’s say this!


元気 友達 イラスト に対する画像結果

This word is spoken among friends well. I think its pronunciation is difficult for foreign people. “oooooo” is not “uuuuuu”. Please be careful not to say Yahoo(famous websites company). O’s pronunciation is o of owl and extend.


You meet your Japanese friends “for the first time”. In this case, let’s say this.


I say this word a lot. I would like you to know how to greeting, Please look below list.


① Ri and Okemaru

 When you understand what to do, you may say “OK”. But we say this.


Ri?? You do not understand. Ri means “OK” and “understand”. That word come from “Ryokai”.

 Japanese notation is りょうかい. It is omitted(りょうかい→り). り is Ri.


Similar word with “Ri” is “Okemaru”

Okemaru is come from “OK” and “○“. We call ○ “maru”. In result that they are united, “Okemaru” 

This word means “OK” and “Yes”.


Other respond word, there are “Sorena”.

Sorena means “I think so, me too”. That word show sympathy. I say this word so many times. I recommend you put in.


① Feel Sad

Your teacher gives you many homework. You are sad. What do you describe your feeling? When you are trouble in, let’s say this.


Pienn shows sad feeling casually. In addition, it shows a little cute. So, I think that word is usually said by girls. It is often used as the Internet slang. Besides, there other sad word, “Naitaaaa”. This word show sad too.

②Feel suprising

Other feeling word is “Ma!?”

“Ma!?” means “Really!?”.  That word shows very surprising.

③Other Feeling

Do you feel “I want to have Bubble tea!” ?  in that situation, let’s say this.


In Japan, Bubble tea mean “Tapioca”. It is verbalized “Tapiru”. This word show that you want to have Bubble tea.


I introduced part of slang used by youth people. There are a lot of Japanese teen slang. Please search!

 I say frequently “sorena”. If you can use the words well, communication is very fun. When you come Japan, let’s say them.