Shopping Paradise- Japanese Drugstore

 Have you been to any drugstore in Japan? It’s the most useful and convenient shop that you can find a wide range of products from medicine, cosmetics to food and household goods. Today, I’d like to introduce drugstores in Japan with some shopping advice. 



1.Why drugstore popular in Japan? 

2.Why Japanese drugstore is so famous in the world? 

3.popular Japanese drugstores! 



 Why drugstores popular in Japan? 

  In these years, Drugstores have increased their product range to satisfy daily necessities of customers. Such as baby food, toiletries, cleaning tool, household goods sacks soft drinks and so on. Also the location of the drugstore made customers more convenient! It’s always located in a place where people gather.  



Why Japanese drugstore is so famous in the world? 

  Japanese Drugstores have a clean and pleasant environment to shopping and high quality products with a discount price. In these years, the number of shops offering Tax free services is increasing. Because of the large variety of tax-free items, tourists are increasingly turning to drugstore for their favorite health and beauty product and snacks or other souvenirs for friends and family back home. As the number of travelers from neighboring Asian countries has grown, shops have begun to offer service in other languages, including Chinese and Korean. 



3 popular Japanese Drugstores! 


・Matsumoto Kiyoshi.  


  Matsumoto Kiyoshi is a large drugstore with yellow signboard in Japan. It is easy to find it near by your hotel. You can find many Japanese brands in the stores where the other stores don’t have. Except tax-free service, they are always give many discounts to customers. 


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Sun Drug 



Sun Drug is another large chain in Japan. The price is quite cheap. 

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Don Quijote 



  Don Quijote is the biggest discount store in Japan. Compared with Matsumoto Kiyoshi or Sun Drug, Don Quijote has more variety of products. You can find coupons on some traveling books. It’s easy to find store near by major stations. 


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