The appeal of japan : hot springs

If you travel in japan, you should visit hot springs!

Gunnma prefecture has a lot of great hot springs. This article will show three recommended hot springs and spots.


  1. Spa of Kusatsu

  2. Spa of Minakami

  3. Spa of Ikaho


Spa of Kusatsu

Kusatsu is one of the most famous hot springs. The yield of hot water is the largest in japan, it springs 32300litter every minute. Its spring quality is very acid and It have an effective on neuralgia, arthralgia and feeling of cold. Kusatsu is also known as the place where a lot of movies were filmed. You will be overwhelmed by force and beauty of the traditional spa town.

Recommended spot 1   “Yubatake”

This is the greatest characteristics of kusatsu. “Yubatake” means “field of hot water” in English. This huge structure plays a role in cooling hot water from hot springs. When you walk around the Yubatake, you can see a large quantity of steam and feel the smell of sulfur.


Recommended spot 2. “Yumomi”

“Yumomi” means “rubbing hot water”. The temperature of hot spring coming from Yubatake is over 50℃. You can’t get in it without cooling down more.

In Yumomi, some people stand around the hot water and rub the hot water using slender wooden board like pictures. They move wooden board and dance to the rhythm in “Yumomi show”.

Recommended spot 3. “Sai no kawara park”


Sai no kwara park is famous for the river flowing in the park. Surprisingly, the river is hot spring coming from underground. There are a lot of emerald green lakes which hot spring flows into. You can take a footbath and open-air bath at the bottum of the park.

During the night, “Sai no kawara park” is illuminated and You can enjoy different atmosphere from the day time.

Spa of Minakami

Minakami is located in the nature. It is surrounded by mountains and river. Many hotels line along both banks of the river. The charm of minakami is beautiful scenery and seasonal activities.

Recommended spot 1. “Ousennkaku”

Ousennkaku is the most popular place in japan for foreign visitors because it was introduced in the guidebook “Lonely planet”.


There are four large open-air bath and those are mixed bathing. Soaking in the hot spring, you can feel the murmur of a river and nature with your friend or family.


Recommended spot 2. “Suwakyou”


If you visit Minakami in autumn, you should visit the valley called “Suwakyou”.

There are no hot springs In Suwakyou but there are a lot of japanese maples and strange shaped rocks along the river. In autumn, japanese maples turn red and you will experience a japanese autumn tradition.


Recommended spot 3. Rafting and ski

As mentioned above, minakami is surrounded by a lot of nature and there are many kinds of seasonal activities. In summer, it Is popular to go rafting in torrent.

On the other hand, you can go ski on many skiing grounds in winter. After enjoying activities, you can be healed in the hot spring.

Spa of Ikaho

Spa of Ikaho developed rapidly in the age of civil war in order to heal injured soldiers. Its spring quality has an effect on injury and fatigue. There are a lot of hotels, souvenir shops, amusement places and restaurant from the old days. You can feel the Japan in old days.

Recommended spot 1. “Ishidann”

“Ishidann”means “stone steps”. This place is ikaho’s main tourist site. The number of steps is 365 and there is a shrine called “Ikaho shrine”at of the stairs. Both sides of steps are lined with hotels and stores. Climbing the steps, you can enjoy japanese traditional cultures.


Recommended spot 2. “Kajikabashi”

This is a red beautiful bridge located near the Ikaho shrine.

This bridge became a model for a bridge appearing in the movie “Spirited away”.

In autumn, the lit up Kashimabashi and autumn leaves are so beautiful at night.


Hot spring is a typical japanese tourist site. It attracts and relieve many people.

If you come to japan, why don’t you visit Gunnma prefecture and enjoy hot springs.