Did you stay at Hotel Miracosta? I stayed there 3 times. It was excellent!!So I want you to stay there. But it is difficult to understand because this hotel has many kinds of room. Therefor I tell you how to choose the room!


1.Miracosta has 3 side

2. 3 rooms I recommend especially

3. Summary

1. Miracosta has 3 sides

First is Tuscany side.

You can see aquasphere.  Aquasphere is a globe in Tokyo Disney sea. And many Disney character is in this side’s room. You can feel adventure story of Tokyo Disney Sea. So I recommend you this room who like Disney.

Second is Venice side.

You can see gondola in this side’s room. You’ll think that you are in Venice. The sight makes you that feelings. Many lights are moody and you can see SS Columbia in the distance.

Third is Porto Paradiso side.

You can see Prometheus Volcano, Mediterranean Harbor and Piazza Topolino. This side is most popular because you can see shows with character in your room. You can see the state in park at midnight further. But be careful because you cannot see Prometheus Volcano and Mediterranean Harbor in a few rooms.

2. 3 rooms I recommend especially

Next, I tell you 3 rooms I recommend especially.

  1. Palazzo Patio Room

This room is in Venice side. This room’s ceiling is the highest so you can stay a space with a feeling of openness. This room has a small patio, you can go outside.

2.Balcony Room Harbor View

This room is located on Porto Paradiso side. It has a balcony that you can go outside.

This picture is taken at balcony. Is this one beautiful, isn’t it? I was moved!

3.Terrace Room Harbor Grand View

This room is also located on Porto Paradiso side. Harbor Grand View is close to the Mediterranean Harbor. So the power of shows is great! This room has a terrace. Terrace is larger than balcony. In addition you can eat breakfast in this space! I want to stay this room but it is already popular. Please try to book this room.

3. Summary

Final do you want to stay the hotel Miracosta? If I can tell you splendor of this hotel, I’m happy! Please stay there by all means!