Japanese cute stationaries and knick-knacks for girls

If you asked about Japanese, you might first imagine kimono, ninja, and samurai.

However, stationary is also an interesting culture that represents Japan.

In this blog, I will introduce some of those cute and practical stationaries and knick-knacks so you can compare the price, outlooks, and practicability.

I hope this blog will help you to know lot more about Japan, and make you feel that you want to visit.^^



1.Cute stationaries

2.Useful knick-knacks

3.Where can you buy it?

4.How did you like it?       



Cute stationaries


Kadokeshi (cornered eraser)

This eraser has 28 corners to make it easy to erase small letters such are written in the corner of your note. This novel eraser was first invented by “kokuyo” in 2002.

And now many people have used it.

Price is about 150yen.

You can chose color from white, blue, and pink.


Milikeshi (millimeter eraser)

This eraser has 6 different width spikes, and looks like sea urchin from front. Actually, this weird spike helps you when you’re trying to erase one line on your note. You can use this to any note, any width of the line. This product is also invented by “kokuyo” in 2010.

Price is about 180yen.

You can chose color from black and white.


Kaoritsuki Keshigomu (scented eraser)

Look at this cute eraser! This scented erasers are very popular in foreign country. I recommend you this fruit juice-smell eraser which looks and smells just like fruit juice! There are also so many types of scented erasers in Japan, so why don’t you find your own favorite one?

The price differs from the types, but you can buy those around 100yen.



Okashi Keshigomu(food shaped-eraser)

Can you believe that these are all made out from eraser? This artistic eraser once made a big boom among elementary school students about 15 years ago, but still loved by many girls in Japan. There are also animal-shaped too! Please have a look with your own eyes.

The price is around 50yen(Really reasonable!!)


Ikemen Fusen (handsome-man Post-It)

I especially recommend this Post-it! These are post-it with cool man’s picture drawn on it. There are more than 30 types by now, such as high school student boy, a handsome schoolteacher, a bartender …etc. These products are made in 2016 and soon became popular item among young girls. I really like the guy wearing suits. Who is your favorite?

The price is around 410yen


Doubutsu Fusen (animal Post-it)

I guarantee that this pretty post-it will make your note, datebook or calendar more gorgeous than ever before. Imagine these cute animals post-it in your note. Isn’t it adorable? Many companies have produced these goods, but I definitely recommend the one in “Loft”. There many types that make you waver.

The price is about 100~500yen.(It really depends on which shop you buy.)


Decorasshu(decoration sticker)

This is kind like a sticker you can line on your note. It’s easy to use, and never peel off once you used it. If you want to make your note more fashionable, you should buy one of these. It is little fragile, so make sure to use it carefully!

These are about 1000 yen in set of 5.


Useful nick-knacks

nail kiss (nail remover)

This is very helpful product when you want to take off your nails as soon as possible. And it is really easy to use. Only you have to do is to stick your finger in the hole and stir it for about 15seconds. You will soon notice your nails came off perfectly.

This is only 108yen! You’d better buy it!



Kenasshi (unwanted hair remover)

The last product is this magical hair remover. Scrub it one you’re arm or leg for about 10 miuetes, and your hair will cleanly came off by friction power. Though it takes a little time, it is really skin-friendly. I think it is worth buying. If you want to have a try, you can buy this product in about 400yen in drug store!


Where you can buy them?

東急ハンズ (Tokyu hands)

Reasonable ★★★☆☆

Great selection ★★★★★

A number of stores ★★☆☆☆      


This store has so many stationaries. Also, you can buy art tool in reasonable price. Tokyu hands has their shops most in Tokyo, but you can find it in all over Japan.(But really few!) If you wants to look for many kinds of interesting stationaries, I recommend you to visit Tokyu hands! Plus, most of the stores are near from a station so it’s really easy to access!



Reasonable ★★☆☆☆

Great selection ★★★★☆

A number of stores ★★☆☆☆


In this store, you can buy Loft’s original fashionable stationaries. This company invents the handsome-man Post-It. Some of the products are a little high in price, but it is because of their high quality. Also loft sells lifestyle goods, so why don’t you come and buy some souvenir for your friends? Most of these stores are near the stations, or in shopping mall so it is really easy to visit.




Reasonable ★★★★★

Great selection ★★★★☆

A number of stores ★☆☆☆☆


Jimukichi sells everything in really reasonable price! They also handle electrical appliances and snacks. However, they are very few numbers of the store, so it may be difficult for you to find It. Weird theme song of this store is worth listening!




Reasonable ★★★★★

Great selection ★★★☆☆

A number of stores ★★★★☆


Daiso is a popular 1 coin shop in Japan. You can buy any products in 108yen!!!! They sell mostly lifestyle goods, and a little bit of toys, and stationaries. You can easily find this store in japan, so I really want you to visit Daiso! It’s wonderful place, I promise.



How did you like it?

I really hope this article make you feel interested in Japan. Though these products can easily purchase in the Internet, I want you to come to Japan, and see it, and touch it by yourself. Of course, there are more and more interesting stationary and knick-knacks I haven’t tell you yet. If you have any plan to visit Japan, why don’t you drop in to general store? It might be your wonderful encounter to Japanese culture.