Masterpiece of potato snacks in Japan !!!!


Definitely, it’s Jagariko. A potato snack I like the best.

As a Jagariko fan, in this page, I will spread charms of Jagariko.

Quick Look at the contents

1.What is Jagariko?


3. Mysterious giraffe

4. Available or not overseas?

 1 What is Jagariko?

Jagariko is a snack food, manufactured and sold by Calbee Inc. since 1995. It is once steamed and then fried and presented in a cup. In 1995, development team targeted high school girl(at that time, they were called kogyaru). They held the key to success. The development team focused on their bag.

They designed Jagariko’s package so that they can put it in their bag and carry it. So they adopted cup type package.

Origin of name??

What is the mean of Jagariko?

Potato is called “Jagaimo” in Japanese, so “Jaga” means potato.

In a meeting about it’s name, one member talked about a friend of his who tried the Prototype Jagariko. They got hyped up. Her name was Rikako. Like a word game, “Jagaimo + RIkako” “Jaga + Rikako” then, transformed into “Jagariko”

2. Flavors

There are many kinds and you can enjoy various tastes of them.

There are three different versions. Regular, special temporary versions, regional limited versions.

Regular version has four flavors. Salad, Cheese, Tarako (cod-eggs) with butter, butter potatoes.

Special temporary versions

There are also special temporary versions.

This version is reproduction flavor of Japanese local gourmet, or speciality.

For example. Sukiyaki,  Kanto(the Kanto region)Nori(dried seaweed) Dashi(broth) flavor is now available. Previously, there used to be chocolate-banana flavor.

In Tohoku region, Gyutan(cow tongue) flavor. In Kansai region, Takoyaki flavor, In Shinshu region, Nozawana(Japanese leafy vegetable) Konbu(kelp), and so on.

special temporary versions

There are also special temporary versions.

Currently, Aburi Mentaiko(Roasted pollack roe), is on sale.

When Calbee produce this series, they adopt their customer’s opinions.

As of 2016, They have created 100 kinds of Flavors!!

3. Mysterious giraffe

Jagariko’s charm point is not only it’s taste.

Please have a look at package of salad flavor from regular series.

What is this???

Jagao’s families

This mysterious giraffe is Jagariko’s mascot, Jagao. He is the bread winner in the family.

His wife, Rikako appears in cheese flavor’s package. And their kids appears in s-size version.

Each flavor has their own original characters. And they also appear in barcode.

This kind of barcode is called「デザインバーコード®」,and it’s registered trademark of デザインバーコード株式会社.

4.Available or not overseas?

Reading this article made you want to get Jagariko, right?

Is it possible to buy them in your neighborhood?

Unfortunately, Jagariko is available only in Japan.

You can buy it at convenience store, drug store, super market and so on.

Why is Jagariko not available abroad?

Why is Jagariko not available abroad?

First, it’s manufacturing process. In manufacturing process, some original techniques are needed.

And second, it’s expiration date is not so long. It’s only for 3 months.

So, export sales is not so easy.