What is the salted bread?

When most people think Japanese main food is rice or noodle. Actually, you may be surprised to hear that bread also main food in Japan.

They often eat bread as breakfast and lunch. Recently, bread will be Japanese traditional food.

There are many kinds of breads in Japan. Especially among them, this page focus on “Shiopan”.


Quick Look at the contents

  1. What is salted bread?

  2. How is the taste?

  3. What kinds of salted bread are there?

  4. What is the calorie of salted bread?

  5. Where to eat salted bread in Japan.




What is Japanese salted bread?

Do you know salted bread? Salted bread is originated in Japan. They created 3 years ago in Ehime prefecture’s bakery. (“pain maison”)

Called “Shiopan” In Japan. It Shio meaning Salt and pan meaning bread in Japanese. Recently, almost bakery has them. Now, salted bread is the most gathering attention bread in Japan. Therefore, a part of bakery I know, it become the best 1 popularity, all of kind breads.


  1. How is the taste?

I’ll tell you about “How is the taste?” There are many kind of salted bread In Japan. Usually it’s so crispy outside, fluffy Inside and yummy salty. I think this taste similar Pretzel as a snack. We can enjoy salty and crispy on the outside while heavy on the inside. Everyone like them to senior from kid.


3.What kinds of salted bread are there?

Anyway, there are also many other kinds of salted bread. The flavors are wide-ranging and all unique. So, I’ll Introduce 3 salted breads. First, “salted Melon-bread”. Do you know Melon bread? It doesn’t have real melon but it tastes like a melon.

Second, “Salted Sweet red bean bread”. It has sweet red bean paste in it, also usually has batter.

Next, “Salted bread with tomato and cheese”. A savoury bread with cheese-flavored and tomato on it.

You may enjoy various local salted bread as you travel Japan. Try Different Varieties of salted bread in Japan to find your favorite it !



4.What is the calorie of salted bread?

They are delicious, but you may be worried about your calorie intake after eating them. Calories differ depending on the fillings and sizes, but one average-sized(100g) salted bread is approximately 261 calories. Be careful not to eat too much of salt because salted bread has a lot of it.

5. Where to buy salted bread in Japan.

No matter where you go in Japan you will probably come across salted bread somewhere. You can buy supermarket, convenience stores, of course bakery. SEVEN ELEVEN may be you know, FAMILY MART and LAWSON (they are Japanese famous convenience stores) at which you can buy salted breads . Usually they are being sold for approximately 100yen. I think reasonable price 🙂

And you can try to make it by yourself. This article written about how to make salted bread.



It is definitely worth a try. They are very popular amongst Japanese people, and without a doubt they are delicious.

When you have the chance to travel to Japan, you should try them!!