5 best bubbles (tapioka) in TOKYO

Do you know bubble tea? (It’s also called Tapioka )It is popular beverage from China.

You can choose size, sweetness, flavor of tea.


Gong Cha

Cha bar





Gong Cha

Gong Cha is one of the most famous bubble tea shop In Japan. You can find Gong Cha at Shinjuku,Shibuya,Kichijoji,Tachikawa and so on.

I recommend Honey milk tea. This tea is sweeter than others. If you like sweeter one, you should choose 100% sweet with glass jelly and Tanioka.


Recommend Honey milk tea

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Cha bar

You can find this shop at Shinjuku, Ikebukuro even Okinawa . This shop is cheaper than other shops. I think their tapioca is the best. I recommend hot tapioca tea. When it comes to winter, it’s too cold to drink but this one is the revolutionary solution.


Recommend Hot tapioka

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Recently, bulu-pulu is really becoming popular. Because of their cheap. M size is only cost 390yen+tax. I recommend 30% sweet Chai milk tea with cinnamon powder. You can enjoy the different taste.


Recommend Chai milk tea

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This shop is famous for a plenty amount of tapioka. You’ll be full if you drink all tapioka even M size. So, I recommend just original one.


Recommend milk tea

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yifan (一芳)

This shop is famous for Kokutou tapioka. Kokutous Is black sugar from Okinawa.this Is better for the health than white one. This tapioka taste different so I want you to try!!


Recommend Okinawa kokutou tapioka Cha late

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If you visit Japan, you should definitely try these tapioka!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your tapioka time!