“2021’S COATS” ――That determines the first impression――

What are the essential fashion item items for you in winter? Scarf? Gloves? Boots? Hats? ――No. The most important and ever-changing item is coats. The fashion of coats changes every year. Besides, it determines the first impression when you meet a person. So, I will introduce this season’s trendy coats with recommended coordination! “I don’t know what to buy this winter!” ―Must see this article. I’m sure you can be a cool 2021 girl! ♡


1. When was the coat born?

2. How many varieties dose coats have?

3. This year’s trendy coats

4. 2021’s fashion introduction

5. EXTRA EDITION ~An overseas wacky coat~

1. When was the coat born?

The front-opening morphology, such as the current overcoat, is historically thought to begin with Western Asian kaftan costumes. This is a change from the soldier’s bodice, with a button on the front and waist length. The chest was stuffed and inflated, and the waist was snug.

Kaftan costumes

Modern men’s clothing, the jacket appeared in the middle of the 19th century. It was generally knee-length, with a lapel collar, a rounded front hem and a squeezed waist. On the other hand, many women’s winter coats are cloak-type, but for a long time, “Peris” has been used as an overcoat with sleeves. Mainly with fur lining, front opening is butted, and there is not much room in the skirt. After the 18th century, “Rudangoto” with for collars and large collars are becoming more common.


In the 20th century, functional coats with sleeves rather than cloaks are becoming more common.

2. How many varieties dose coats have?

  • Stencolor Coat ( In the United States and elsewhere, this type of coat has no proper noun. They are simply called coats, top coats, raincoats, and mac coats. )

It features a high back collar and a low front fold back. Raglan sleeves make it comfortable to wear. The hidden button allows you to wear it without tightening the first button. The materials are made of wool, cashmere, cotton, polyester, nylon, etc… The length varies from crotch to knee length. In recent years, a set-in-sleeve type with a slightly square silhouette is increasing.

  • Chester Coat

It features a design that extends the length of the tailored jacket. This type of coat can also be worn as a spring coat, but winter is especially popular. The wool material protects against the cold, and when you put it on, you can create an “I LINE” in the center. Therefore, even if you are wearing heavy clothes, it looks light and refreshing. Wearing a dress or skirt with a bright Chester Coat will give you a feminine look. In addition, if you combine it with a dark-colored Chester Coat in a pants style, it will become an elegant adult outfit. Very freely!!!!!

  • Trench Coat

The trench coat, which originated in England around 1900, has a double front opening and features a belt and shoulder straps at the waist. You can choose from a wide variety of trench coats, including beige and below-the-knee length standard types, khaki, brown, and black colors, as well as short lengths. Originally it was a “military uniform” so, there are many basic designs. However, this is a coat that has been popular for many years. It is attractive that it is not influenced by fashion. The spring coat has a soft, light and feminine impression. On the other hand, a handsome trench coat makes you look like an adult. It is popular with women who work through spring and autumn. Nowadays, there is no such thing as “this is the correct answer” for trench coats, so the point is to choose the color and design that suits you! Check your tastes and trends and choose your favorite one!!

  • Fur Coat

These coats made from faux fur and real fur are attractive for their fluffy texture and warmth. A playful eco-fur material coat such as leopard pattern, pink, white, and gray. An elegant fur coat with fur on the collar, cuffs and pockets…You can choose from a wide variety of coats!!! If you use faux fur for a long time, it will be worn out or damaged, so it is important to take care of it regularly. This winter is also a hot item because it gives a gorgeous feeling and impresses an adult-like woman.

3. This year’s trendy coats

  • Leather material

This year’s favorite outerwear, leather coat. Featured items from numerous brands, including the “Bottega Veneta” show. Just change the usual rider’s jacket to a long leather coat, and the season’s style will improve at once. This is a n excellent material that has a cool impression but it is also elegant. As a mainstream material, leathers were proposed in various tastes and colors. Not only coats but also shirts, dresses, bottoms, and so on. Many brands emphasized the craftsmanship unique to luxury brands through leather tanning and delicate pleating technology.

  • Mouton material

Mouton is sheep’s fur. This coat, which combines fluffy fur and high-quality suede, is popular with both men and women as an item that can be worn fashionably and widely. However, mouton takes time to keep clean. Mouton is sensitive to water, so it is recommended to spray it with a waterproof spray after purchase. Also, be careful as it may fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Since the component of mouton is protein, it may denature and harden hair when exposed to heat. It’s very cute item, but you need to be very careful…!

  • Quilting material

A quilting coat made from cotton-filled quilting fabric. It has heat retention and is light in that it is similar to down coat. But it is recommended for people who say “Down coat is hot in some places”. Even if you layer knit, inner, fleece, etc… it will not become thick and you can layered coordination. There are a wide variety of designs such as hooded, no-color type, and long. Quilting was said to be crap a few tears ago, so the fashion seems to be excellent and a little scary…!

4. 2021’s fashion introduction

  • Mouton coat × Skinny pants
  • Fur coat × Jeans
  • Trench coat × Jeans
  • Quilting × Skinny pants
  • Leather coat × Leopard skirt
  • Stencolor coat × Skinny pants

5. EXTRA EDITION ~An overseas wacky coat~

So far, I have introduced various Japanese coats shapes and materials. However, overseas is not like this. At foreign fashion shows, coats with shapes, layers, and color combination that have never been seen before will appear one after another. For example, many people think of Lady Gaga. I’ll show you some such wacky colorful coats, spooky shaped coats.

Finally, I talked about the coat from various angles. How was it? A must-have item for winter, the real thrill of fashion, “COATS”. Even if you don’t like winter, let’s wear your favorite coat, combine some clothes, and survive the cold winter together! Thank you for reading this vlog! ♡