Recommended Apple in Japan!

It is said that there are 15,000 kinds of apples in the world and about 2,000 kinds in Japan. All of them have different tastes such as sweetness, sourness, and hardness. Today, I will introduce the three most popular apples from Aomori.

 1, About Aomori Apples

  2, Recommended 3 apples

  3, What good things happen when you eat apples?

1) About Aomori apples

Aomori Prefecture is now the largest apple kingdom in Japan, accounting for about 60% of the nation’s apple production. A production park is formed in Tsugaru region, and various kinds of apples are produced there. The apple industry in Aomori Prefecture plays an important role not only economically but also in culture and tourism. “Fuji” accounts for 50% of production by type, followed by (tsugaru), (Orin) and (Johnagold). They are made up of less than 10% each, and about 20% in total of other varieties.

※Aomori 445,500t / Nagano 142,200t / Iwate 47,300t / Yamagata 41,300t / Fukushima 25,700t / Akita 23,000t / Hokkaido 7,120t / Other 7,12

✔Why Aomori apples taste good all year round?

fruit selection

Aomori apples are particular about fruit selection. The apples that are shipped are categorized according to the fruit selection. Not only the shape and size, but also the introduction of photosensor fruit selector machines has been progressing in recent years, and the degree of coloring, sugar content, and nectar content are now understood.


For products that have a long period from harvesting to shipping, they store apples in a refrigerated warehouse to maintain freshness. As of 2017, there are 773 storage facilities (approximately 370,000 tons of storage capacity) in the prefecture.

2) Recommended 3 apples

✔Fuji Apple

Fuji Apple is the most widely produced in Japan and accounts for about 53% of the apple harvest.

The hard flesh is crispy and crunchy. In addition, the balance of aroma, sweetness and sourness is perfect. The recommended way to eat it is just eating as it is, not to heat it up! It is also suitable for juice. Of course, it can also be used for jam and baked confectionery, but when you buy San Fuji, you should eat it raw.

It is a late-growing seed, and it is harvested in November. Therefore, it lasts relatively long.


Tsugaru is less sour, and it is characterized by its sweetness and juicyness.

The flesh is soft and has a crisp texture.

It is an early-growing seed, and the harvest season begins in August.

Tsugaru is not suitable for room temperature storage because it’s hot and humid when it’s on the market. If you want to keep it long, wrap it in a newspaper and put it in a plastic bag and store it in a vegetable room.


Orin is the most produced green apple in Japan.

It has an outstanding sweet smell and a unique flavor.

It also has plenty of juice, so it feels fresh and has a refreshing aftertaste.

Orin has small spots on its surface. That is brown crack-like rust.

Apples with this chorus look bad, but they are said to be sweet and delicious. Also, Orin lasts long and can be enjoyed for a long time until the summer of the following year.

Orin is a yellow-green apple that turns yellow as it matures. Originally, they are less sour, but if you prefer less sour, I recommend you choose a slightly yellowish one.

3) What good things happen when you eat apples?

3) What good things happen when you eat apples

If your lifestyle is disturbed by your eating habits, exercise habits, and sleeping habits, various physical conditions can be caused. Health problems include high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity, and indigestion. By incorporating apples into your daily diet, you can expect health care. What kind of ingredients in apples, what kind of functions, and what kind of health benefits?


It has the effect of discharging excess salt from the body, so people who are concerned about taking too much salt in their daily diet should be conscious of it.

✔️Dietary fiber

It increases the number of good bacteria in the intestines and helps regulate the bacteria in the intestines to their normal condition.

✔️Malic acid

It helps reduce lactic acid, which causes fatigue. It also helps to stimulate the body’s metabolism and relieve fatigue.

Some people might say, “I don’t eat fruit because it’s sweet and makes me fat.” Certainly, fruit contains a lot of sugar called fructose, and it is sweet. But fruits don’t contain fat, so calories are very low compared to sweets. When you want to eat something sweet, why don’t you try an apple that looks delicious before you pick up the cake or pastry bread? Delicious apples may keep away from your strong beauty enemies, sweets, and so on. There seems to be a way to stay healthy by eating fruits before meals, but this may also help prevent overeating, and the sweetness of apples will also help you to be beautiful forever.