What is Manga Café?

Manga Cafe is a cafe that you can read many kinds of manga, watch movies and animes, use secured WiFi, and substitute as an abridged version of hotel.

You also can use it as an amusement facility to play billiard and table tennis, have a relax time using the massage machine, and having a bath. Actually, I’m writing this blog ant manga café.


  1. What is Manga Café?

  2. What can you do in Manga Café?

  3. What are the famous chain Manga Café group?

  4. My recommended Manga Café in Shibuya(Tokyo).


What is Manga Café?

As you read at the top, manga café is not usually formed café. Usually, it’s divided into personal booth. No other people can see what you’re doing at your own booth.

There are basically two kinds of booth you can choose. Those two are ‘Flat type’ and ‘Reclining type’. In the Flat type booth, you can lay it on. So if you are tired and want to have a rest, or spend the night, you can choose this flat type booth. In the Reclining type booth, there is a reclining chair in your booth. If you want to get to your work and use a PC, or read manga with a chair, you can use this reclining type booth.


  1. What can you do in Manga Café?

In your booth, there is PC. You can use that as you like. When you are hungry, you can order meals from your seat.

Outside of your booth, there are various kinds of manga are placed. You can take those to your own booth and read them. Also, there are free drinks and ice cream you can have it for free. Also the shower is settled for travelers and the one who don’t have enough time to go home. That means, there is nothing missing for you to use manga café as abridged hotel.

Some manga café sets karaoke, billiards, darts to get the café more fascinated.

  1. What are the famous chain Manga Café group?

In Japan, manga café is quite common form of café. So there are thousands of manga café have been managed. Some manga café made chain manga café group.


①Kaikatsu Club(快活クラブ)

Kaikatsu Club is the most famous chain manga café group in Japan. They have the largest number of cafes. It’s not too expensive and the services are quite good. If you can’t decide which manga café you want to use, Kaikatsu Club won’t betray you.


②Ziyuu Kuukann(自遊空間)

Ziyuu Kuukann is the second famous manga café in Japan. Actually, Ziyuu Kuukann has the larges number of manga café in Tokyo. Ziyuu Kuukann sets karaoke, billiards, and darts. So if you want to use manga café as amusement facility, Ziyuu Kuukann can be the best choice.


③Comic Buster(コミックバスター)

Comic Buster has the third largest number of manga café in Japan. You can use shower for only 100yen. Also, the cost you take for 8hours night pack. So if you want to use manga café as abridged hotel, Comic Buster can be the best choice.



MANBOO is manga café that looks so flashy and funky. It looks like some kind of amusement place. Services of MANBOO is so good that it’s like real hotels. You can use shower for free (but no towels and hairdryer). Also, MANBOO’s charge is quite cheap.

MANBOO have good services for women. If you’re woman and want to use manga café, MANBOO maybe fit for you.

My recommended Manga Café in Shibuya(Tokyo).

I live in Setagaya, where near Shibuya. So, I often use manga café located in Shibuya. For travelers planning to visit Shibuya, I recommend my best manga café in Shibuya. It’s ‘Gran Cyber Café Bagus’. It’s located in CenterGai Street on the above floor of Forever21. The reason why I chose this café is, services and ambiance. Service of this café is so good that clerks move as like speed of light when you require something to do. Ambiance of this café is so cool that it’s like secret base for adults. The keynote of this café is deep blue and feels like I’m being very cool.