4 Interesting places in Akiruno




3.Akigawa trout fishing place

4.Seotonoyu(hot springs)


1. Tokyo Summerland

Tokyo Summerland is the most popular place in Akiruno. They have not only pool but also amusement park, restaurants and a game center, so you can stay here all-day!!

But be careful…outside pool is available only 7/1~9/30 and from December to February, it will be all closed.


Outside pool and amusement park

Inside pool

2. Akigawa valley

Akigawa is a river which leads 20km. you can enjoy BBQ, hike, and beautiful view.

Akigawa valley change itself a lot for each season. Especially in autumn, leaves turn green to red, yellow, and gold. It is beyond description.

3.Akigawa trout fishing place

You can enjoy not only fishing, but also BBQ. You don’t need to bring some stuff.

Because you can rent a fishing rod and BBQ set. After you enjoyed fishing, a staff cut trouts you caught so that you can eat. That’s so nice!!

4. Seotonoyu(hot springs)

  After you enjoyed those activities, you must be tired… so you should go to Seotonoyu!

   Taking a hot bath with beautiful view will make you relax. Also they have a footbath for free, so it is okay to just enjoy it. What is more, they have restaurants and cottages that you can stay. If the weather is good, you will find a lot of stars in the sky.


I hope you would like to come to Akiruno by reading this article.