5 Recommended Asakusa Sweets

Many tourists from overseas come to Japan every year. Kyoto, Osaka, Hokkaido, Tokyo, there are various popular places. I think what I’m looking forward to when traveling is food and traditional buildings. This time, I will introduce Tokyo, particularly I’m focusing on the food of Asakusa where is popular not only among people overseas but also among Japanese


1. The darkest in the world!? Matcha Ice Cream “Nanaya”
2. Sold out in the morning, university potato, “Chibaya”
3. 200 years of tradition “Tokiwado”
4. Original Jumbo Melon Bread “Kagetsudo”
5. Where do you want to go?
6. Extra Edition

1. The darkest in the world!? Matcha Ice Cream “Nanaya”

Matcha sweets that are spreading all over the world. Many people from overseas will want to eat that. “Nanaya” sell matcha ice cream different dark of matcha. The dark stages are seven. “Matcha Premium No.7” is called the darkest matcha ice cream in the world. If you’re not good at bitter food, choose No.1.


2. Sold out in the morning, candied sweet potato, “Chibaya”

here are many candied sweet potato shops n Asakusa. “Chibaya” is in a spot a little away from the center. This shop sells only candied sweet potato, especially, the type of candied sweet potato called “Kiriage” is very popular and sold out in the morning. It is made with an old-fashioned method, so a taste is simple, and it is popular with local people. I recommend going early because once it is sold out, this shop will close.

大学芋専門店 千葉屋(ちばや) Chibaya

3. 200 years of tradition “Tokiwado”

The representative of Asakusa’s sweets is “Kaminariokoshi”. This shop is next to Raimon and has a history of over 200 years. There are many kinds of kaminariokoshi and there are cute packages. Recently there are flavors such as vanilla and milk tea. While this shop has a history of over 200 years, takes in western elements.

常盤堂雷おこし本舗 雷門本店
塩おこし キャラメルアーモンド

4. Original Jumbo Melon Bread “Kagetsudo”

If you search Asakusa sweets, you will be able to find “Kagetsudo” on the top page. This shop’s melon bread is big so very popular. When you want to buy it and eat it immediately, you can order freshly made. Or when you want to go, you can order cooled it. There is ice melon bread only in summer. It is very delicious because the type of ice cream is soft serve ice cream. I also recommend shaved ice as well as melon bread. This shop’s shaved ice has a lot of ice, and there are syrup and toppings not only on top but also in the ice.


5. Where do you want to go?

There are a lot of shops in Asakusa so you can eat and walk a lot. I want you to go to Asakusa because there are many delicious foods and you can enjoy the history of Japan!!

6. Extra Edition

I recommend two shops in Asakusa that did not enter the top.

・ Oimoyasan
Oimoyasan has shops not only Asakusa but also another place. This shop’s candied sweet potato is crunchy on the outside and smoothly on the inside. When I go to Asakusa, I’m definitely buy this candied sweet potato.

・Asakusamugitoro                                    This shop is not a sweet shop, but it is an all-you-can-eat grated yam paste for 1000 yen. Not only grated yam paste but also rice, soup, and other side dishes are all-you-can-eat, so it is very popular shop every day. This shop can’t make a reservation for phone and internet. So I recommend to go early and make reservation.

「浅草むぎとろ」 浅草 平日のランチ限定、念願の「むぎとろバイキング」へ!