Do you know excellent Japanese band ‘ZUTOMAYO’?

Do you know excellent Japanese band ‘ZUTOMATO?If you don’t ZUTOMAYO, you are missing out!!

ZUTOMAYO have a lot of attraction! I will introduce ZUTOMAYO’s attraction. If you knew ZUTOMAYO’s attraction, I’m sure that Those people who are Japanese, and those who aren’t will like ZUTOMAYO! Nice to meet you!


Quick Look at the contents

ZUTOMAYO’s attractio


ZUTOMAYO’s attraction

Vocal’s overwhelming beautiful voice

Gorgeous accompaniment

Politely crafted MV (created a unique worldview)

Consideration of wards of songs

At the end

At the end

My recommend song for me!


ZUTOMAYO is a Japanese band. Official member is only vocal, ACANE. Other members aren’t known to everyone (We know the members who perform with a musical instruction in ZUTOMAYO’s concert if we want!!But they are not official member ‘ZUTOMAYO’.) Also, ACANE’s face isn’t known to everyone. If you go to ZUTOMAYO’s concert, you may see a little her face. If you want to see her face, you should her Instagram. From her instagram, you can see her face from nose down. The pictures are very cute! (Also, her Instagram rarely live distribution and you can hear her singing while playing the guitar! Please follow her account!) Besides that, I think many great people involve the band! Anyways, ZUTOMAYO is very mysterious group!!!

This picture is first mini album cover!!
this album is favorite for me!!!

ZUTOMAYO’s attraction

Vocal’s overwhelming beautiful voice

ACANE’s voice has very very beautiful treble voice! In detail, her voice has overwhelming clear and great expensive powerful voice! They are her strength! So, when I listen ZUTOMAYO’s music, I was always impressed!! For example, sad, happy, painful, etc.

I listen to Zutomayo’s music first time, immediately, I love ACANE’s voice!

If you listen to Zutomayo’s music, I sure that you love ACANE’s voice!

A girl who is in this picture is ACANE!!!

Gorgeous accompaniment

All ZUTOMAYO’s music has a volume. I always feel that they are like movie! But that thing does not mean that length of musical performance is long specially. The thing means that ACANE’s voice and Gorgeous accompaniment are great! Accompaniments of ZUTOMAYO’s music are gorgeous, not to mention her voice!

This is a scene in MV ‘Zyoushin wo kamu’
I think this song make good use of something!!

Each musical instrument match other musical instruments in a timely fashion! The skill is amazing!

I think the band’s accompaniment skill is higher than other bands! (In particular, ‘Kan Saete Kuyashiiwa’, ‘Seigi’,’konna koto Soudou’ is great!).

This picture is first best album cover!!
To lesson to it is important to talk about ZUTOMAYO!!!

So, their creating melodies take me Zutomayo’s view of the world!

As a result, When I finish Zutomayo’s songs, I am very satisfied! As if I finish reading a long novel!

I love many music. but Their music which create story only melody and voice don’t know until now.

Politely crafted MV

All ZUTOMAYO’s MV are consisted of animation! It is unique point! These MV are politely created!

First, animation’s quality is very high! Very famous illustrators make the band’s MV. So, these MV’s quality are too splendid!I love All ZUTOMAYO’s MV! In particular, ‘konna koto soudou’ and ‘study me’ are very good for me! If you don’t like animation, I’m sure that you like their MV!

This picture is CD jacket ‘STUDY ME’!!

Second, some MV created stories apart from song (Only I think). I’m difficult to explain it, I think that words of the song and animation of MV aren’t same necessarily! Some people write consideration by youtube’s comment field and blog and twitter etc. I like to see these considerations because I notice other thinking that I don’t think and there are differences on the person!

This picture is scene in MV ‘Dear Mr.F’
In my opinion, standing for using word is very difficult!!

Finally, character and letter which appeared past MV appear latest MV. This is good for me because They are unique! So, I like them and glad to appear again!

These things are ZUTOMAYO’s original unique point!!!

This character is Unigri!! He is very cute!!
This similar girl appears All MV!
Her name is NIRA-Chan!!
She may be ACANE as a motif!!

Consideration of wards of songs

This thing is completely my subjectivity.

I think we have complicated problem that we don’t get it settled once and for all. For example, friendship, unrequited love, mad and regretful feeling, etc.

This picture is CD jacket in MV ‘Humanoid’
In my opinion, this song is very cool!!

Wards of ZUTOMAYO’s songs express complicated feeling of person very politely!

Many wards of these songs aren’t positive and mayn’t resolve things that we have trouble. But I think these songs cheer us up because we may feel refreshed! I notice my feeling why I am gloomy! I think These songs helps many people who have problem that they don’t solve. Of course, these songs helped me before!!!

So, I love words of ZUTOMAYO’s songs!!

This picture is second mini album cover!!
It includes Samayoi Yoi Ondo!!!

Also, I think many songs include another sense.

Words of ZUTOMAYO’s songs made complicate and difficult ward! So, their means are changed by hearing people! Some people think same idea, others don’t think so and have another idea!!! Wards of a lot of ZUTOMAYO’s songs are considered by ZUTOMAYO’s fan, ‘ZUTOMARO’!!! I always enjoy thinking means to wards of ZUTOMAYO’s songs and I like to see these means by youtube’s comment field and blog and twitter etc.

Also, ACANE who make ZUTOMAYO’s songs doesn’t release reason about the song’s interpretation.

So, their considerations are not answer! It is good point for me!

This picture is MV jacket ‘Seigi’!!

At the end

At the end

From these kinds of things, I introduce you ZUTOMAYO!

Vocal’s overwhelming beautiful voice, Gorgeous accompaniment Politely crafted

MV, Consideration of wards of songs etc. From these kinds of things, I introduce you ZUTOMAYO!

There are a lot of things which ZUTOMAYO’s good point! Please look for these things!

You can listen to ZUTOMAYO’s songs! For example, youtube, supotify, line music etc.

Please listen to them and enjoy listening to them!

If you listen to ZUTOMAYO’s songs, I sure that you love them very much! They have the possibility of becoming an addition. Take care of yourself!

This picture is MV jacket ‘Zyoushin wo kamu’!!

My recommend song for you!

I love all ZUTOMAYO’s song. I introduce you to my favorite ZUTOMAYO’s songs! But, if I write my thinking, your thinking may change because you have prejudice! It’s uninteresting and wasteful! So, I introduce you to them, but I don’t write my thinking!

Please listen to you their music!

Dear Mr. F


Konna koto soudou


Zyoushin Wo Kamu

Kan Saete Kuyashiiwa(not MV)

Haze Haseru Haserumade

(If you like ‘Zyoushin wo kamu’, Please look at this MV!!! I sure that you enjoy it!!!)

If you can use spotify and line music, please listen to these music!

(These music aren’t uploaded on Youtube)

Inemuri Enseitai

Botan to Kuri

Samayoi Yoi Ondo

These songs are very good!!!

Thank you for reading my blog!!!


I used many pictures; they are uploaded on a website and MV that are used by YouTube channel and movies.

They are managed by ZUTOMAYO’s official staff!!

So, they are safety and there are ZUTOMAYO’s latest information and new song in them!

Please look at them!!!