Have you ever heard “YAYOIKEN” ?

 Do you know “TEISHOKU” ? This is a standard meal style that is eaten on a daily basis in Japan. It is YAYOIKEN to serve this. It is a lot of kinds of menu and very reasonable. It is also true that many are not known because there are small number of restaurants. I want you to take this opportunity to know YAYOIKEN. I would like to introduce the attractions of it and recommended menus. Please take a look to the end.

1.What is “YAYOIKEN” ?

       2.Attraction of YAYOIKEN

       3.Recommended Menu

       4.Measures of COVID-19

1,What is “YAYOIKEN” ?

YAYOIKEN is a chain restaurant that handles set meal. Plenus Co., Ltd., the same as HotMot, is opening. It was operated under the name Meshiya-don until July 2006. About 380 stores are open in 38 prefectures in Japan. There are about 60 restaurants in Tokyo. There are also about 150 stores in Asia and America. There are plenty of family restaurants, but set meal restaurants are few. It is rare for a restaurant to be able to eat a set meal easily. In the set meal, all dishes are lined up on the table at the same time. It is a standard meal style that is eaten on a daily basis in Japan. It is based on rice, side dishes, and miso soup. This style is a very good health balance. Compared to other countries, the balance of the three major nutrients is very good. In this way, set meal is very good. And, you can eat set meal from 640 yen. Most menus can be eaten for less than 1,000 yen. It is very reasonable. It is a meal ticket system. There are various kinds of menu, meats, fishes, vegetables. And, there is also a hot pot in winter. There are some menus that are not other restaurants. There is also a children’s lunch. So, It is popular with people of a wide range of ages.

2.Attraction of YAYOIKEN

I will introduce the attractions of YAYOIKEN. First, the good point is that all can free to refill rice. So, you can eat full. And, it is also possible to change the rice to the wheat and barley rice for an added 30 yen. Second is Japanese pickles. There is Japanese pickles on each table. This pickles has an exquisite taste So chopsticks don’t stop. This Japanese pickles is also all-you-can-eat. You can eat even if you are full. Because it is refreshing taste. And, you can eat “Ochaduke”. Do you know “Ochaduke”? This is a simple Japanese dish made by dashi or hot water over rice. Dashi is a soup made by boiling foods such as kelp and katsuobushi. Dashi also forms the base of miso soup, noodle broth and many kinds of simmering liquid. You can drink this dashi freely. It is very delicious to make Ochaduke with the Japanese pickles mentioned above. You can also eat special chaduke with the mini mackerel and loosening salmon for 130 yen. In this way, there is a lot of attractions besides main dish.

 3.Recommended Menu

No1 Syougayaki (Ginger pork stir-fry)

  Price: 640 yen

  Calories: 748 kcal

It is a Japanese dish. It is made by grilling the pork marinated in sauce with ginger added. It uses tender and juicy pork, and it goes well with rice. It is cheapest of the set meals of YAYOIKEN.

No.2 Chicken Nanban

     Price: 760 yen

     Calories: 1069 kcal

This Nanban uses juicy chicken. It is crispy around chicken. The combination of sour Nanban sauce and tartare sauce is very good. The combination of sweet and sour Nanban sauce and tartar sauce is very good.

No.3 Hokke (Atka mackerel fish)

     Price: 890 yen

     Calories: 662 kcal

There is a set meal of various fishes in YAYOIKEN. Among them, Hokke is very delicious. Many people are not good at fish, but this is popular. Because it is very fatty and thick. It has lemon and grated radish, and their compatibility is also good. Like this, it is YAYOIKEN that the fish is also very delicious.

 4.Measures of COVID-19

Today, restaurants are struggling because of COVID-19. YAYOIKEN is also doing a lot of infection disease measures. This picture above is an refilling robot. Opportunities for contact with people can be avoided by introducing this. There is a very modern feeling by the introduction of robots. This robot can choose the amount of rice in 4 stages. The partition is installed in all seats. In this way, splashes can be prevented. And, takeout menu was also introduced. It is now available on Uber Eats. Alcohol disinfection and ventilation are also carried out in YAYOIKEN.

So far, I introduced YAYOIKEN. Like this, there are a lot of attractions. It is a place where anyone can easily go. Please go to eat by all means !!!!

YAYOIKEN HOMEPAGE → やよい軒公式サイト (yayoiken.com)


やよい軒公式サイト (yayoiken.com)