Best unique conveyor belt sushi in Tokyo [Genki Sushi]

What sushi do locals and foreigners like??

1.[Gennki Sushi] in Shibuya
2.Japanese and foreigner’s favorite Sushi(Neta)

[Gennki Sushi] in Shibuya

What the big unique point is…

Sushi of this restaurant don’t rotate!!!!Sushi run straight!!!!

This restaurant is not big but there are some table seats so you can go there with your family.

Also there are many counter seats so you can go there alone or with your friends.

This is a menu. There are many kinds of Sushi and side menu. They have also a seasonal menu.

When I went there, they had a winter only menu such as crab, duck and buri(yellowtail).

You order with this monitor. You can order up to three at a time.

Sushi run to you!! You take your sushi from plate on the lane. After that you push the button on the monitor then the plate go back.

Prices of normal sushi plates are 120yen. Sushi of this restaurant are very fresh because all of sushi come to us after we order.

You can use this tray to have sushi to go.

[Top 3] Japanese and foreigner’s favorite Sushi(Neta)

<Local’s favorite sushi>

3.Yellowtail, Amberjack



<Foreigner’s favorite sushi>




It shows people all over the world like Salmon and Tuna. Especially Salmon, there are many ways to eat. We can broil and eat salmon with many kinds of food such as avocados, green onions, or cucumbers.