Japanese Chocolate sweets Top 5

In Japan, there are a lot of chocolate sweets. I will introduce chocolate sweets that you can get easily in convenience store or supermarket. If you like chocolate, you should check them. You are sure to find your favorite chocolate sweets!



1.Apollo (Meiji)

2.Alfort (Bourbon)

3.Pocky (Glico)

4.KitKat (Nestle)

5.Kinoko no Yama & Takenoko no Sato (Meiji)






First, I introduce “Apollo”. It is chocolate sweets made by combining milk chocolate and strawberry chocolate. This square shape is inspired by Apollo 11. The color is pink and brown. It has very cute looks!


price: About 120 yen



↑Big size!!


Alfort (Bourbon)


It is chocolate sweets made by combining milk chocolate and biscuit. The blue package is a landmark of plane normal Alfort. And there is a lot of different flavors, for example, white chocolate, black chocolate. You can enjoy these different flavors!


Price: About 100 yen                                  


↑ Many kind of flavor!          


Pocky (Glico)


It is biscuit sticks covered with chocolate. There are a lot of different flavors and kinds, so you can choose what you want to eat. My favorite flavor is strawberry. I recommend it very much. If you want to eat during doing something, you can eat without getting chocolate on your hand. Because there are local exclusive flavor many regions, I recommend it for souvenir.


Price: About 150 yen


↑Many kind!!


KitKat (Nestle)


It is wafers in chocolate. There are a lot of flavors. The red package is landmark of most normal flavor. My most recommend flavor is Maccha. Taste of this chocolate is very nice! There are local exclusive flavor many region, for example, apple in sinshu, Amaou which Is kind of strawberry in kyushu. It is nice for souvenir.


Price: 250 yen (Big bag)


↑ Many kind of flavor!


Kinoko no Yama & Takenoko no Sato (Meiji)


Finally, I introduce Kinoko no Yama & Takenoko no Sato. Kinoko no Yama is looks like kinoko. Takenoko no Sato is looks like takenoko. Sometimes Japanese debate which is more delicious. In my private opinion, Takenoko no Sato is more delicious. But each have different good point. They are both very delicious!


Price: About 200 yen


↑Takenoko no Sato


These sweets I introduced are sold in supermarket or convenience store, so you can get them easily. Japanese chocolate is very delicious. When you come to Japan, you should try them!