Japanease100yen shop there are many useful things during your trip.

You are in japan, is there something missing? Is there anything you want?

I will tell you what you can buy in 100yen shop.



1.what is it? Where is it?

2.Face lotion

3.Corner tap

4.Compression bag

5.Self-porting stick




What is it? and where It is?


100-yen shop is called “Hyakkin” in Japan. As the name, you can buy most of things only 100 yen. There are some things, which is 200 yen and more. We can buy everything in this shop. For example, kitchen goods, gardening goods, stationery, wrapping, miscellaneous goods, snacks, and so on. Japanese people use this shop frequently.

There are many 100-yen shop in Japan. Only Tokyo, the number of this shop is 841. So, you can find it very easy. Let’s check the nearest 100 yen shop with your smartphone!!


Face lotion

100-yen shop’s face lotion is high quality. So you will be satisfied. For example, One of the biggest 100 yen shops in Japan, DAISO’ face lotion contains 120ml, no fragrance, no colored and made in Japan!! In addition, there are several kinds of it. So, you can choice, which you like. Besides, some face lotion’s explanation is written by English. Also, I recommend you to take it on your country as a souvenir!!


Corner tap

Don’t you think if there are more taps in your hotel?? During trip, some electronic equipment needed. But the number of hotels tap is limited. When such a situation, you can buy corner tap at 100 yen shop!! But, you must not use it with those whose power consumption rapidly rises. For example, dryer, heater and griddle. When you use it, please read directions cautiously! Please Be careful!!


compression bag

In traveling, your baggage will be big than when you arrived in Japan, and when you go back, it’s too many packages to pack. Using compression bag help you to pack many things into your carrycase.


self-porting stick


If you use it, you can take a wonderful picture, which include you!!! However, this is not100yen but 200yen or 300yen!




Have you ever tired after walking so far? Such a situation, if there are insoles in your shoes, your foot become more comfortable and you can enjoy your trip without feeling something uncomfortable!! In addition, 100yen shop’s insoles are many varieties of design, so you have many choices!!



Thank you for watching and please enjoy your vacation!!!



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