Japan’s top artists I’d like the world to know!!


1.Characteristics of Japanese music

2.World-class Japanese artists




Characteristics of Japanese music

I will introduce the difference between difference in development of Japanese music Western music. Japanese music has the most exciting scene of the song called “Sabi”. Due to the strength with this part of sabi, Japanese music gives a strong impact to listeners. In japan it  seems that “singing good songs” is popular.
Therefore, many of the popular songs in Japan are easy to sing and many songs that are easy to sympathize. For that reason, it is generally said that Japanese artists are inferior in technology .

However, there are many high level artists in Japan.


World-class Japanese artists


Mixture rock band MAN WIHE A MISSION

Their characteristic is that all members are covering wolves. They are such comedy looks, but their sense of music is wonderful. 
In addition to outstanding singing skills, music using electronic sounds called mixtures is comfortable.



Heavy Metal Girls Group BABYMETAL

While having the cuteness which is the characteristic of Japanese idol, Their singing skills and acting skills are at a high level that is familiar to the world.
For overwhelming performance metal fans will be satisfied as well.



Creative unit of masked 2 pairs AmPm

The total number of times played by Spotify reaches 5.3 million times in just 4 months since debut single “Best Part of Us” was released in March of this year.

That music is creative, and nature and body move.



Did you understand that there are wonderful artists in Japan?

But what I really want to tell is a Japanese artist, unknown to the world.

I’d like to introduce such artists in the next article.