Let’s play “Overcooked!2”

Corona virus spreading, we rarely go out. It is difficult to hang out with friends. I want to play with my friends. Then, I found a game, “Overcooked!2”. It is very interesting and fun game. I like it very much. We can play it with friends online.


1.What is Overcooked!2

2.Shops and price

3.My favorite point


1.What is Overcooked!2

Overcooked!2’s rule is very easy. So, you can understand it quickly.

We all work together to cook in time. Cut and stir-fries ingredients, wash dishes, dish up and so on. Each you play a role. It is hard but it is fun!

Upper left of screen shows cooking order. You make foods following that.

Lower left of screen shows score. If you make it in order, score is high.

You can cook hamburger, cake, pasta, pizza, sushi and so on.

This game has story.

Kingdom Onion was attacked by zombie bread. We must stop them and return peace world.

We can proceed this game as advance each stage. You can get score when you clear stage. And depending score, you can get from ☆ to ☆☆☆. After all stages are cleared, ☆☆☆☆ appear.

Besides, you can get also many characters. They are very cute! There no difference of skill every character.

So, you can use favorite character.

Of course, you can play alone but it is more fun to cooperate with everyone.

2.Shops and price

You can get and play Overcooked!2 at STEAM, Nintendo switch, Xbox one, and PlayStation. (Download version)

I bought it from STEAM. This store held sells many times, so I recommend this store.

Price is ¥2,570 on STEAM. Other store price is ¥2,750 on Nintendo switch and¥2,801 on PS4.


These store sell Overcooked!. Overcooked! is previous work of Overcooked!2. You can play Overcooked!2 online but you cannot play Overcooked! online. So, if you think you play with friends online, you should not buy Overcooked!. If you think you play alone, I recommend Overcooked!.


You can buy DLC. DLC is additional downloadable contents.

Average of DLC price is low.

If you can clear all stages and feel very fun, I recommend that you buy DLC. You can play other stages.

3.My favorite point

I like this game very much! I often play Co-op game (cooperative game). This game is no attack and easy operability. This game demand only getting in sync with each other. So, everyone can play. We can play not only Local play but also online up to 4 people.

I always play with a friend. My friend use snowman. I use robot. I think robot is very cute♡♡

This game is very fun for me, so I can play for many hours.


I recommend “Overcooked2!” very much. If you have friends who have nothing to do, let’s play this game with them. I think you will feel very fun.



Overcooked® 2 – オーバークック2 ダウンロード版 | My Nintendo Store(マイニンテンドーストア)