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Name:Ayame Yoshida

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I like Games, but I would like to introduce one of my favorite games, Splatoon2.


Game, Splatoon2, Nintendo Switch


Now, more time may be spent at home and more people may be playing games. Splatoon2 is a popular game, so many people may know its name. This page describes what Splatoon2 is like and what it is all about.


①What is Splatoon2#a1

②Game system#a2

③What is the charm of Splatoon2#a3#

④Splatoon Koushien#a4

What is Splatoon2#a1

Splatoon2 is an action game for Nintendo Switch released by Nintendo on July 21, 2017. This is the second series in the series following the Wii U only game software Splatoon released on May 28, 2015.

Game system#a2

Splatoon2 is roughly divided into two battles, Nawabari battle and Gachi match. First, Nawabari Battle is a simple game where you divide into 4 to 4 teams, you paint the ground for 3 minutes and the team with a large area (Nawabari) wins.

Next, Gachi Match is a 4 to 4 team like Nawabari Battle, but unlike Nawabari Battle there are four rules and it is a game where you can battle more severely because they collide violently in a specific range. There are four rules, Gachiarea, Gachiyagra, Gachihoko, Gchiasari, all of which are interesting rules. For example, the Gachiarea is the rule that the team that wins the area placed on the stage with paint ink and reduces the count to 0 first wins the team. It is interesting to play a game while thinking about turning around according to the rules.

What is the charm of Splatoon2 #a3

Splatoon2 is not only fun to play, but it also has many other attractions. It is about being able to look cute like squid and octopus and being able to customize the look by changing the hairstyle.

What I think Splatoon2’s most appealing point is the fashion of squid. There are various brands in the world of Splatoon2 and you can buy what you like at the store.

Customize your head, cloth and shoes. Each cloth has the power to improve its own ability such as gear power, and it becomes key to win in the battle. These fashions are so cute that you want to buy them in real life, they are so cool that it is a lot of fun to customize.

 Splatoon Koushien#a4

In recent years, game have also been enjoyed as e-sports. Splatoon is also holding competitions such as Splatoon Koushien. A group of four people can participate, about 12,000 people at the first time and 24,000 people at the fourth time, and only those who have won the competition can participate in the final competition as representatives of each region.