What is your favorite band?

The music that UVERworld makes has much message-related strong music. A musical piece to stick into the heart of the person listening to the lyrics that were full of “love” “dream” “hope” and the lyrics is attractive. There are many people helped from difficulty and the trouble with their music.


Member introduction

Vocal TAKUYA∞’s way of life

Man festival

My favorite lyrics

Member introduction


He is a passionate. In ∞ of TAKUYA ∞ called “∞” as for the possibility seem to have a meaning, but don’t read this infinity when read the name.


He is in charge of comedy. There is the acquaintance from a kindergarten with TAKUYA∞.


He is the leader of this band.If there was not him, UVERworld didn’t exist.

・Akira(Guitar, Programming)

He lived by chance in front of the house of TAKUYA∞.There is not only the music sense but also the artistic sense.


He was scouted with Akira by TAKUYA∞ and joined a member.He likes a dirty joke.


He has been supporting UVERworld as a supporting member for a long time from 2005 through 2014.

Vocal TAKUYA∞’s way of life

He is very stoic, and doing the following things.

  • 10 kilometers run everyday                 
  • Don’t smoke
  • The liquor three times a year
  • Blog is updated everyday
  • Don’t take caffeine
  • Gluten-free(Don’t take flour)
  • Read a book three pages by all means before sleeping

There is a reason why he runs 10 kilometers everyday.

For health? No!

For diet? No!

To face oneself!

It is the form of the effort for him to improve the performance by the concert.He said, the running is not distance with the speed either. It is depth and is weight.Under the influence of this way of life, there is the person to imitate.On a birthday of TAKUYA∞ of 2019,1200 men ran 10 kilometers with him at midnight around 12:00.Because the group of 1,200 people was running at the midnight, the police seemed to come.It is really great that 1,200 people together at midnight.

 Man festival

Speaking of the live concert of them, man Festival is famous.The man Festival depends on the intention of the member who has ever felt dilemma in there being few male fans.45,000 men Festival held in Tokyo Dome was the final.As for the man Festival, their hot charm is shown to the maximum.

My favorite lyrics

I introduced a part of my favorite lyrics.Please translate my favorite lyrics into Japanese.

『Don’t want to die yet, we will live until can say so』

『The person who had dreams come true without effort and The person who didn’t have dreams come true even if I made an effort. I won’t stop these legs even if the person who doesn’t come true.』

『You do what you want to do』

『If there is the life twice, I won’t choose such a steep way.』

『I will take good care of a laughing person in a silly things.』

『Squat down low once if you want to fly high』

『Strength is always born from a weakness.Even the fault is a blessing from nature.』

『Don’t think feel.』

『If making an effort arrives, if it comes true just to pray, none of us is surely troubled』

I was helped with these lyrics many times.I thought that the power of the music was really great.Do you have the favorite singer or artist?