Where to connect Japan’s public free Wi-Fi network

If you are planning to visit japan, I think connection to public wi-fi network is inevitable.Now I’m going to tell you some name of public wi-fi and what you should better do before your departure.


1. Public Place(like station)

2. Shop or reataurant

3. Things you need to know before connecting network


Public place

Tokyo’s public network connection is said that it isn’t enough for economic level.

However, nowadays, since Tokyo is decided to host city of 2020 Olympic game, number of public wifi is increasing.

  1. Airport wi-fi. It quality rely on how clouded there is, however, it is easy to connect and free. And it is usually could be connected just using you e-mail address. 
  2. Station wi-fi. Nowadays, many big station has station free wi-fi. Same as airport wi-fi, it is free and usually connectable with your e-mail address. However, I have used some of them and speed couldn’t be said comfortable.


Shop or reataurant

1.Convenience store.

In Japan, especially in Tokyo, most convenience store is connectable to free wi-fi network. As it isn’t comfortable, some of convenience store has chair and table and you can use there by purchasing something to eat or drink (usually cheaper than going to restaurant). Also you need to sign up on store website to connect network. It is convenience but uncomfortable.

Also some convenience store don’t have it. However, if you choose from lawson, family mart and seven eleven, nearly 100% shop has free wi-fi.

2. Coffee shop.

In Japan, there is many franchised coffee shops like Starbucks coffee. Some of them has free wi-fi connection. It quality isn’t bad. Usually it is enough stable and fast. However, you need to remember that not all shop has free wi-fi connection. In my impression, more than half of coffee shops don’t have free wi-fi connection.

If you planning to go to coffee shop for wi-fi, you should carefully see if the shop has wi-fi connection.

3. Restaurant

Same as coffee shop, some restaurant has free wi-fi connection. However, It number is fewer than coffee shop. However as it is not place for staying long time, network speed is comparatively fast and comfortable.


4. Fast food

I separated fast food restaurant from restaurant because it is little different from other restaurant. (I’m not talking about what price and food but about wifi)

If you go to fast food restaurant for wi-fi, I strongly recommend Mcdonald because nearly 100% of the shop has wi-fi and it quality is better than convenience store.

Things you need to know before connecting network

1.How to connect network

Usually, you need to sign in to connect those network. However, some network is connectable without doing anything if your device region isn’t Japan. Or sometimes connectable only with agreeing contraction text.

Free wi-fi like ‘7SPOT’(seven eleven), ‘famima wi-fi’(family mart) was connectable by just choose them on wi-fi menu on US region smartphone

In case of Kichijoji wi-fi you just need choose ‘Kichijoji Free Wi-Fi’ and tap Accept button. (when you tap Accept button, it mean you agreed everything written on contraction text. If you are nervous with it, I recommend you to read them.)

2.Things you should remember before choosing shops or restaurant

Same shop has mark like below.


From these kind of mark, you may think that free wi-fi is available. However, these wi-fi is only for Japan’s MNO contractor. So you can’t use them.

3.What you should do before going to Japan

1. Install some application

Some public network is connectable by apps. And you should better install it before your departure.

ⅰ Japan connected free wi-fi
ⅱ Travel Japan wi-fi
ⅲ Town wi-fi

These application enable you to connect network easily.

2. Look up for free network near your hotel or place you are planning to visit

I mainly talked about public network which you can some of them at everywhere of Tokyo. However, If you decided where to go, you should better do research for free network connection. For example, hotel wifi. Or there is



As it couldn’t be said comfortable, you are able to connect free wi-fi in many place. However, as it isn’t only about japan, public network is LOW SECURITY. Also you may aware of free network you haven’t heard of. These networks maybe dangerous because network log is visible from rooter and some people use free network for stealing your information.

If it is possible, I recommend you to use mobile network. You can borrow pocket wi-fi rooter at airport.

I hope you enjoy your trip to japan.