Top 5 snacks you should buy in convenience store

Have you ever explored convenient store to get some snacks in Japan?



1.Why you should buy snacks at convenient store in Japan?

2.Top 5 snacks at Japanese convenience store

3.Appendix (Seasonal and Limited flavored snacks)


Why you should buy snacks at convenient store in Japan?


Have you ever explored convenient stores to get some snacks in Japan? If you visit Japan and wherever you go, you’ll find convenience stores. And there are various snacks in japan so I’ll show you the top 5 snacks that you should try when you come to japan.



Top 5 snacks at Japanese convenience store


TAKENOKO NO SATO and KINOKO NO YAMA is an official rival. TAKENOKO means bamboo shoot

and KINOKO means mushroom. But both snacks don’t contain Bamboo shoot and mushroom, both snacks are just shaped like them. The basement cookie of TAKENOKO NO SATO is softer than KINOKO NO YAMA. According to some questioners, TAKENOKO NO SATO (Left) is more popular than KINOKO NO YAMA (Right).

Why don’t you try them and decide which one you prefer?



-Kappa Ebisen(かっぱえびせん)

Kappa Ebisen is shrimp flavored and salted rice cracker twists. Ebi means shrimp and Sen means Senbei (rice cracker in English). This snack has a famous song among Japanese and there are no Japanese who don’t know the song. This is a link to the song on YouTube. (0:48~0:58)



That mean is “can’t stop eating”
you may not be able to stop eating Kappa Ebisen, so try it!


-Country ma’am

Country ma’am is a soft and moist cookie. There are two regular flavors, vanilla and chocolate.
Eating them as it is taste good without doubting it, but you can eat them more delicious if you microwave them for 10-15 seconds.

So, take them your home and try to eat them as I introduce!



-Butamen (ブタメン)

This is a mini size cup noodle mainly for children. The reason why this is popular among Japanese children is the price of it. It costs only ¥80! This is really cheap and really tastes good! Butamen has many flavors for example, pork bone soup, curry and soy source. This noodle reminds me my childhood and I sometimes feel I want to eat Butamen. Try it and feel Japanese children’ feeling!




Jagariko is made of potato and it is crunchy! Every time you bite it, you can’t stop making noise. One of Jagariko’s good point is it has so many flavors! There are three regular flavors; salad, cheese and butter. Furthermore, the company of Jagariko also releases other flavors depend on seasons and areas. For example, sweets potato(fall), green tea cream(spring), Spicy cod roe (Hukuoka), Octopus dumplings (Osaka) etc.


Japanese teenagers eat them in an interesting way. First, fill the Jagariko cup one-third-full with hot water. Then, mix it until it is crushed and smoothed. This is a way to make mashes potatoes with Jagariko, so you can try various flavored mashed potatoes easily. Why don’t you collect various flavored Jagariko and try it!


APPENDIX (Seasonal and Limited Flavored Snacks)



Cherry Blossom Kit Kat and Pocky





Banana chocolate and coconut pocky



sweet potato crunch chocolate and pretz




Apple pie flavored chocolate pie snack and melty chocolate pocky




To make your trip to Japan better, why don’t you go to convenience store and check snacks! It can be a good souvenir for your friend and family.