A foreigner living in japan teaches you what is good and bad in Japan travel, three things build a perfect memory in japan

Japan, an attractive country, there are a lot of traveler come there every year. but almost all people get confuse in japan because they don’t know about the essential acknowledge behind the face of japan.

As a foreign person having lived in japan for 11 years, I will tell the Japanese hidden rules and custom.


1. The things you can not get in website


2. What should you do for not being like a fool in japan


3. Useful Websites

The things you cannot get in website


Tokyo(東京) train terminal https://www.businessinsider.jp/post-166671

The character of Japanese

Japanese is typical Asian spice, they have smart brain and emphasize the traditional custom very much, but most of them are little shy, so you cannot see Japanese people speak loud at street, that’s because being quiet in street is the custom and also the manner for others.

The best bathroom system in world

Japanese bathroom system is the best one on earth, the flat of toilet is always warm, and the lid can open automatically, even have a bottom to delete dirty sound you don’t want to be heard. Moreover, it can spurt water, clean your private spot, and you also can adjust the degree and press of it!


the scramble crossing in sibuya(渋谷)

The variation of vending machine

you can find lots of it with every step you move, you don’t need look for store to get drink. In the machine, there are cool, warm drink and various kind of beverage whatever you want even have the function of lottery in it. in recent, they have equipped touch panel on it, make your purchase smarter.


high spec vending machine

The reality of taxi

In japan (especially Tokyo), the bill of taxi has very high price, that’s because Japanese taxi company should pay a high price to keep automobiles always safety, according to Japanese law instructing taxi business, taxi company must inspect the machine every three mouth to keep driving safe. However, the technique is the best one, there are auto door in it and all auto money changer keep a comfortable riding.

 night of Tokyo

What should you do for not being like a fool in japan

Do not speak loud at street and in transportation

As I had said, Japanese look up the traditional manner, speak loudly is the violation of the manner, so you shouldn’t shout at your phone in japan and talk with people loudly, keep our phone in manner mode especially near by the priority seat.


Do not walk and eating and watch the people eating

Japanese don’t like people walking and eating, in Japanese viewpoint, that is violation of manner and dirty action (especially in temple and shopping moll). And they don’t like others look at them when they are eating something because it is beautiful that eat food hiding their mouth. So, the gaze makes them disagreeable. Let’s have your diet in a composed space.

The habit at station and train

In other foreign country, there might have habit that stand right side when you get on escalator. But in japan, you should be left side, the right side is be kept for the people don’t have time. So, stand at right side is fool action.

But at Osaka, the left side is the regular one. Do not mix them.


Useful Websites