What is a cat cafe?

Have you ever heard a cat café? It’s getting poplar in Japan. If you want to visit there, you should get about information about it. So, I’m going to tell you about a cat café. That’s makes you enjoy your time!

Source: http://news.livedoor.com/lite/article/detail/14675801/


1 What is a cat café?

2 How much does it cost?

3 How to enjoy cat café?

4 Attention


1 What is a cat café?

Have you ever heard the cat café? This is not ordinary cafe. The unique point is there are many cats! They walk freely in space like under picture. So, you can play with cats.

For example, you can give them foods, play with them using toy of cats. Of course, you can take pictures of cats! These pictures will your important memory. You will have so much fun there, and you won’t forget about the time

Cute cats are waiting your visit!!

In addition, some cat café has many game and manga. You can enjoy playing game and reading manga if you like these. Also, you are able to give a charge of electricity in some cat café. It is convenient. Like these, there are many ways to enjoy cat café. Let’s visit there!

2 How much does it cost?

There are differences between each café. But, it costs about 1200 yen per one hour. If you want to order some foods or drink, you have to pay more. Also, you can give cats food in some café. You can buy cats food about 500yen. It is not very cheap, but you can play with cats safety. I will introduce details in other blog.

3 How to enjoy cat café?

If you want enjoy cat café, you should search before you go! This is very important point. In website, you can get lots of information. For example, location, kinds of cats, fee, opening hours and so on. In addition, you will be able to know what time cats eat food. Many cats eat foods at the same time. It is so cuteJ I recommend for visiting this time. Also, you may know café menu. Original café menu looks cute. Of course, it is delicious.

This is a part of menu of Temari no ouchi↓

Source: www.temarinoouchi.com

        Also, there are many kinds of manga. For example, Attack on Titan(進撃の巨人), Strobe Edge(ストロボ・エッジ). Unfortunately, almost manga written in Japanese. But also, there are often some video games like Super Mario Brothers(スーパーマリオ・ブラザーズ) and Splatoon(スプラトゥーン). You can use these freely.

        There are many ways to enjoy the cat café, not only playing with cats, but also other things. You should find an original way to enjoy!


4 Attention

You should pay attention of something.

First, there are many cats in café. If you have allergy of cats, you should take care of yourself. I think you don’t have to go there.

Second, some cat cafés have age limit. So, if you go with kids, you should search about it before you go there. For example, under junior high school student can’t go neko café MOCHA(猫カフェ モカ) and Kyaruko(きゃりこ). Under 10 years old kids aren’t able to go Temari no ouchi(てまりのおうち). For cats, don’t speak big voice, don’t touch cats forcibly, don’t chase cats and don’t give stress to cats.

Third, you shouldn’t go wearing favorite outfit because cat’s hair really sticks to clothes. And cats may scratch on you. If you really want to enjoy cat café, you have to wear outfits which is okay if it gets dirty.

Fourth, you can’t go two or more café in one day. Because you may carry virus of cats. In that case, cats will get ill.

Keeping the rules is the most important. Please enjoy your time!