What is a Lolita fashion?

What is unique clothing in Japan? I think most people will say kimono. However, there are many other clothes developed in Japan. This time I would like to introduce Lolita fashion. I will also write about the various evolutions of Lolita fashion.


1. What is the Lolita fashion?

2. Lolita fashion features.

3. Types of lolita fashion.

4. Lolita fashion brand.

5. Overseas expansion of Lolita fashion.

1.What is the Lolita fashion?

Do you all know Lolita fashion? Lolita fashion is street fashion that was born mainly in Harajuku. The word Lolita comes from the literary work “Lolita” by Russian author Vladimir Nabokov.

I think the reason why Lolita fashion spread nationwide was the movie “Shimotsuma Monogatari” released in 2004. Kyoko Fukada played the role of wearing a lolita fashion and was very noticeable.

2. Lolita fashion features.

Lolita fashion is characterized by many ruffles, ribbons and lace wreaths like those of the medieval aristocrats. There are also headdresses and thick-soled shoes.

3. Types of lolita fashion.

There are various types of lolita fashion. The basic style is a cute little girl’s style. However, when mixed with various styles, it has evolved into a more individual and attractive .

For example, Chinese lolita fashion mixed with China clothing.

Military lolita fashion mixed with military uniform.

Gothic and Lolita mixed with goth subculture.

In this way, Lolita fashion has infinite possibilities.

4. Lolita fashion brand.

After reading this article, you will be interested in Lolita fashion. For such people, we will introduce brands that can actually buy Lolita fashion.

First, “BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT”. The brand is famous for its pretty patterns and princess-like style.

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The other is “ATELIER BOZ”. This brand is famous for Gothic and Lolita.

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5.Overseas expansion of Lolita fashion.

Lolita fashion is a culture born in Japan. However, it has now spread to many countries. Brands that open stores overseas have also appeared. Lolita fashion has become one of the world’s “Kawaii” cultures.

Thank you for reading this article.

I hope more people will be interested in lolita fashion.