3 famous casual restaurants in Tokyo

What casual restaurant will you go to when you travel to Tokyo?









There are 184 shops in Tokyo. Most of Japanese have eaten in this restaurant. GUSTO is famous for reasonable and delicious. This restaurant does not serve only Japanese dishes but also Italian, Chinese and Thai food in some case. You can enjoy cuisine of several countries. People of various ages(men and women of all ages)and groups (family, couple and friends) visit this restaurant.




There are 210 stores in Tokyo. Saizeriya is one of the most famous Italian casual restaurants in Tokyo. You can be full by using 1,000 yen. Most of customers who visit here is young men and women.



There are 149 stores in Tokyo. At first, Denny’s was coffee shop style from U.S. Most famous feature is that waitresses pour coffee before your cup being emptied. Denny’s is more expensive than Gusto and Saizeriya, but I think that it is most delicious of the three.