Are you tired of ordinary ramen ?

Have you ever eaten ramen ? …”Yes”? The ramen you have eaten may be ordinary ramen. Are you satisfied with it? These days, “unusual” ramen is appearing one after another in Japan. Here are some of ramen shops to enjoy it. You will surely be surprised by “unusual” ramen.

1. Cheese (with uncooked ham) ramen – Due Italian
2. Vegetable ramen – Ramendokoro Camino
3. Lemon ramen – Chukasoba Rinsuzusyokudou
4. Italian ramen – United Noodle Amenooto
5. Oyster ramen – Kotobukiseimen Yoshikawa

Cheese (with uncooked ham) ramen – Due Italian

★Ramen flomage ¥980

★Ramen namahamu(uncooked ham) flomage ¥1180

These are very “gold” ramens. Melted cheese goes well with uncooked ham. It is an unusual combination of cheese and ramen, but it is so delicious. Make sure the noodles are well coated with cheese.

◉Due Italian Ichigaya store
Address: 1F, 4-5-11 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Nearest station: Ichigaya
Time: 11:00〜15:00
   17:00〜22:00 (Mon-Fri)
   11:00〜22:00 (Sat)
   11:00〜21:00 (Sun,Holiday)

◉Due Italian Yokohama Aobadai store
Address: 6F, 1-7-1 Aobadai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi Kanagawa
Nearest station: Aobadai
Time: 11:00〜22:30 (everyday)

◉Ramen Due Edo Japan store
Address: B1F, 2-1-6 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Nearest station: Kasumigaseki
Time: 11:00〜15:00
   11:00〜22:00 (Sat)
   11:00〜21:00 (Sun,Holiday)
   11:00~22:00 (Sun)

◉Ramen Due Italian Kichijoji store
Address: 1F, 1-5-7 Gotenyama, Musashino-shi Tokyo
Nearest station: Kichijoji
Time: 11:00~15:00
   17:00~22:00 (Weekday)

◎This ramen is sold on the online store, so if you can’t come to Japan, please try buying it.
Online store:

Vegetable ramen – Ramendokoro Camino

★Shio(salt) Yasai(vegetables) tsukemen ¥1400

You might be surprised by various vegetables. These vegetables changes with the seasons, approximately 10 types vegetables on a plate. The soup is very thick, and suggestive of Bagnacauda. It’s so healthy and tasty.

◉Address: 2-11-33 Mishuku, Setagaya-ku Tokyo
Nearest station: Ikejiriohashi
Time: 11:00〜13:30
   17:00〜20:30 (Tue-Sun)

Lemon ramen – Chukasoba Rinsuzusyokudou

★Lemon Ramen ¥650

How full of lemon! … Do you thought that? This ramen has only 10 slices of lemon topping. It’s simple and refreshing, you should try it. The warm and cozy atmosphere in the store is also attractive.

◉Address: 1F 5-7-3 Ojima, Koto-ku Tokyo
Nearest station: Ojima
Time: 11:30〜15:00
   18:00〜21:00 (Tue-Sun)

Italian ramen – United Noodle Amenooto

★Tomatoes mazesoba S¥800/M¥850/L¥900

You can see tomatoes, cheese, baby leaf, rusk on this ramen. It looks Italian dish, but ramen. The combination is great! Putting Tabasco on this makes it spicy. I would definitely like to recommend it to those who love Italian food and ramen.

◉Address: 1F, 455-1 Horigomecho, Sano-Shi Tochigi
Nearest station: Horigome
Time: 11:00〜14:30
   17:30〜21:00 (Tue-Sat)
   11:00〜15:00 (Sun,Holiday)

Oyster ramen – Kotobukiseimen Yoshikawa

★Kaki(oyster) soba \880

Ramen and Oysters!? This is an unusual combination, but it’s refreshing and delicious. It has 7 oysters, rare Char-siu pork, seasoned egg, and Bamboo shoots. It’s a sumptuous bowl, and worth trying.

◉Address: 1738-14 Imafuku, Kawagoe-shi Saitama
Nearest station: Minamiotsuka
Time: 11:00〜15:00
   17:00〜21:00 (Mon-Fri)
   11:00〜21:00 (Sat)