Amazing & funny things about Japanese vending machine and plastic bottles you don’t know

Hello everyone!! Do you know the Japanese vending machine? I think many people has heard a little bit about it. For example Japanese vending machine has cold drink and hot drink in the same machine. I didn’t know the hot drink is very rare thing. But this is just part of the thing of the amazing thing of Japanese vending machine! This blog will tell you 5 funny things about the Japanese vending machine!


1. Too many number of the machine

2. So many types of the machine

3. More new types of the machine

4. New function!! “application interlock”

5. It is selling anything!!


Too many number of the machine

How many number are there in Japan??

In Japan there too many number of vending machine. In 2016 spread number of vending machine was 494,1400 units. Its too many for the area of Japan.

In this photo you can see many machine’s is lined up together. But why are they so many of machine? The professional says there are 5 reasons.

1. Japanese law and order are safe

So there is no people that going to stole it

2. Its convenient for overtime worker

Many of employee in Japan do overtime work so they need coffee. Then the vending machine will be convenient.

3. Everyone can install the vending machine and be a salesman

If you take a application anyone can put the machine even though its next to your house.

4. Machines management system are organized

There are always recycle box next to the machine.

5. In old days they could buy as a one coin

Now it cost little more but there was a day it costs 100yen

So many types of the machine

Look carefully to the types of machines

The Japanese vending machine is not just convenient. There are many of funny vending machine. Many people who are not Japanese surprise at ticket-vending machine. This is used at many ramen, beef bowl shop.

For another funny vending machine is beer machine it only sale beer. Many people might worry about underage. So this machine is sales at hotel so many underage wont buy because there will be together with parents.

Also the sweets vending machine is famous.

The most funny machine is 1000en vending machine. You pay 1000en and you get a random goods from the machine. If you are lucky you could get something like TV computer game and more that’s more expensive than 1000en.

More new types of the machine

Newest type of vending machine!

In the station you would see many vending machine. But in the famous station like Shibuya you may see a new type vending machine. The new thing is touch pad, identification camera. Old one has to touchthe button but new one can touch anyplace becausee its touch pad, and there is a camera that can identifiable male female and rough age. After identifying the machine recommend you some drink that many people who close to you choose.

One more new vending machine is almost same with the one before I showed. One thing that’s different is you can’t use cash. You can only use IC card. Many people in station use the IC card and its faster than using cash.

New function!! “application interlock”

The Coca-Cola corporation  started application interlock. After you install the application you can connect with vending machine. Then you get a point and when you save certain point you can buy one drink for free. This will be fun to buy drinks and after though you can get drink for free so its good value!

It is selling anything!!

As I show there is funny vending machine in Japan, its not finish. The Japanese vending machine sell many thing you don’t expect. For example cup noodle. This very convenient for many people because you don’t need to go to convenient store!! One more picture I am showing is plastic bottle of soup stock. Its difficult know it has a demand or not but its very funny. There are more funny vending machine that Japanese also don’t know. So when you come to Japan for trip or something it’ll be to find it!!




Thank you for watching my blog!