Dangerous places in Japan

You think that Japan is the quite safe country, don’t you? Actually, Japan is no less

thrilling country than any other country. I’ll introduce you some of it.



  1. Mt.Tanigawa

  2. Siretoko Promontory

  3. Toxic Hot Springs

  4. Kabukicho


Mt.Tanigawa Geographically dangerous

location    Indetmidiate of Nigata and Gunma prefecture

Feature called“a cursed mountain“, “a deadly mountain”.

Intensive steep  

Total of dead more than 850

Don’t go without right equipment!

Toxic Hot Springs    chemically dangerous

Location Hokkaido

Feature lethal concentration of hydrogen sulfide

If you will soak in it, don’t forget your gas mask

Shiretoko Promontory   Wildlifes dangerous

Location   north eastern Hokkaido

Feature a lot of bear

Don’t go there just for fun!


Location Sinjuku in Tokyo.

Feature   a lot of racketeering and vicious tout

Be careful when drop by there at night alone, especially ladies.