5 of the cutest cafés in Tokyo

Tokyo has no shortage of cafes, making it easy to find a spot to enjoy a drink and watch the world pass. But on your next time to trip to Tokyo, Why not to seek out a café that’s a little more original? Here are the cutest and latest cafes in Tokyo.





2 Cafe Chansonnier Acorite

3 sanrio cafe

Pompompurin café

Cinnamoroll cafe

4 shirohigeno cream puffs koubou





Address: 6-7-15 Jinngumae Shibuya Tokyo

       Harajuku station

Price: \1800 (40min)

Best known for: Conveyor belt sweets

This café opened 16 July 2018. It is best known for conveying sweets like conveyor belt sushi. You can eat as much as you want within 40 minutes for 1800 yen.




2 Cafe Chansonnier Acorite

Address: 3-4-15 Mejiro Toyoshima Tokyo

       Mejiro station

Price: (coffee and cake \1000)

Best known for: chiffon cake with flowers, cute plates and teacups.

Cafe Chansonnier Acorite has a romantic atmosphere. It was featured in the Japanese fashion magazine. It makes cakes own which change from day to day. The most popular menu is chiffon cakes with flowers. You can choose cute plates and teacups. Many Japanese girls come this café with cute Lolita fashion and take phots with Kawaii meals. BGM is Chanson and it is holding a chanson music event regularly.

instagram @cafe_acorite


3 Sanrio café

There are two Sanrio cafés in Tokyo.

①Pompompurin café

②Cinnamoroll cafe


Address:①1-7-4 jinngumae Shibuya Tokyo (Harajuku station)

②3-1-26 Shinjuku MARUI ANNEX 1F (Shinjuku station)

Price: (cake \1300)


Pompompurin café


There is a Pompompurin café in Harajuku, Takeshita Street.

Pompompurin is one of sanrio’s character. This café’s concept is that one. Many sanrio lovers come to here. There are some photo spots you can take photo with Pompompurin.


There are original menus and you can have lunch, dinner and sweets. The most popular menu is omelette rice looks like pompompurin.

  • Pompompurin omelette rice(\1,190)
  • pompompurin parfait (\990)




Cinnamoroll cafe


 There is a Cinnamoroll cafe in Shinnjuku MARUI ANNEX 1F near Shinnjuku station.

 Cinnamoroll is one of sanrio’s character.

  • Blue Stroganoff(\1280)
  • Cake(\1280)



4 shirohigeno cream puffs koubou


Address:5-3-1 Daita Setagaya Tokyo or Kichijoji Tokyo

Best known for: Cream puffs(\420)


The store which can make cream puffs version of “My neighbor Totoro” is only this store in the world. It is difficult to make the version of Totoro cream puffs, and It takes a lot of time to make them. Each cream puffs are made with love. Each season have different types of flavors. There is always favor of custard and cream. Jiburi lovers should visit and eat them.


Tororo’s cookie sets \500

Fruits tarte \3820


TEL 03-5787-6732