Sports chanbara is Japanese sports.

If you have sword, you can become present samurai.


1.Sports chanbara rule


3.The difference from kendou


1.Sports chanbara rule

Sportschanbara’s rule is simple.

Before you are hit by sword, first you hit competitor by sword.

Game time is 1 minute,

Extension game is 30 seconds.


2.Weapon kind

There are various weapon in sport chanbara.

The basic weapon are Kodati(shortsword) and Chouken(longsword).

Kodati is 60 centimeter,and chouken is 100 centimeter.

There are various other weapon such as Tate(shield) and chousou(long spear).

Kodati is light,so you can shake easily,various people use this event.

Chouken is harder to shake than kodati,but this is major event.In particular, it is hit by foot striking.

Take kodati is use Tate.This event attack opponent while using shield.

Tate is used not only kodati but also chouken.

Morote(various hand) chouken is not major event.As a feature,it is likely to be draw.

Nitou(Two sword)is One hand has chouken ,and other hand has kodati.Mainly,kodati is used as defence,and chouken is used as attack.

Chousou(long spear)is 200centi meter. this is an event that pierces rather than cut.

This event can only butt down face and torso.


3.The difference from kendou

Sport chanbara is said to be similar to kendou,but kendou need various tool,men(face mask),do(breast plate),sport chanbara need only men,and garment is free.

Sport chanbara men(face mask)


Kendou is only one event,but sport chanbara is twelve event.When the tournament,you can participate three or four event.

Kendou hit only men(face),kote(hand),dou(body),but sport chanbara can strikr anywhere.

Actually,veteran hit asi(leg).